Brookline Little League Association
2008 Parade Photos

The little ones, the Rookie Ballers,
and their parents begin the annual
procession down Brookline Boulevard.

MAY 3 - Most people probably looked out the window at 9:15am and thought, "Not Again!". A steady downpour looked like it might put a damper on yet another year's parade. But, much to everyone's delight, the God's of Accuweather were correct and the rain abruptly ceased on cue at 9:45. Fifteen minutes later, a wet but relieved throng of parents, coaches, and ballplayers began their procession down Brookline Boulevard and the annual Brookline Little League parade was on!

A throng of spectators also braved the wet weather, lining the boulevard and cheering on Brookline's Little Leaguers. With their brightly colored team banners leading the way, over 30 teams proudly marched towards Brookline Memorial Park and the gates of Sam Bryen Fields. Once they had reached the fields, refreshments were handed out and the team banners were judged. The winners were:

1st Place - Boulevard Lounge
2nd Place - Sunset Hills Lion's Club
3rd Place - Moonlite Cafe

The threat of continued bad weather put a hold on the remainder of the Opening Day festivities, including both the day's games and the Pitch, Hit and Run Competition, which has been rescheduled for next Saturday, May 10. One thing that was a big hit on Opening Day was the new frier in the concession stand. It looks like "Lois' Almost Famous Fried Potatoes" will be the big run producer on the menu this season.

BLLA sends its' sincerest thanks to everyone who helped out with the parade, including the parents and players who braved the weather to help us celebrate the beginning of a new season. Now it's time to play ball!

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* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

Parents, Players, Coaches and Spectators
gather at the firehouse in a downpour.
The rain stopped right on cue, and the
parade went on with umbrellas closed.
Timing is everything!    A Sea of Wet Humanity

Robert 'Bibbers' Smith, President and
CEO, gets the procession ready to roll.    Brookline Pub

DeMino's Pizza   Rita's Italian Ice and Mascot!

Sun Set Hills Lions Club    Boulevard Lounge

Border Patrol    Chelsa Wagner

Bob Hayes Photography    Betz Auto

Moonlite Cafe    Sullivan's Automotive

TAS Sportswear    A-Boss Opticians

Antonio's Pizzeria * You gotta
try the cheese breadsticks!    Medicine Shoppe

Party Cake    Howard Hanna

Michael Poremski Plumbing    Getaway Cafe

Medicine Shoppe    Fiori's Pizza * We Fix You Up

Party Cake    Belliario's Pizza

Commissioner Jim Cypher has the
Little League Girls under control,
but the decibel level is rough.    Lois Manuel and her friends have
the concession stand back on the map
with a facelift and a new specialty,
Lois' Almost Famous French Fries!

Mike Clark and Keith Matts.    Thanks to everyone who braved
the weather and shared in the fun.

The crowd gathers at the fields
while refreshments are handed out
and the team banners are judged.    Bob Hayes. The Man Behind the Lens.
Bob has been a team sponsor and our
team photographer for several years.
Bob Hayes Photography. Thanks, Bob!

Friends    Pat and Jerry Burton return after
a 25-year absence to watch their grandson.
Pat's younger brother, Danny McGibbeny,
has a ballfield named in his memory.
Jerry was a longtime coach and Pat
ran the concession stand back in 1974.

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