Brookline Little League Association
2011 Parade Photos

The parading Little Leaguers
make their way down the boulevard.

APRIL 30 - The Brookline Little League kicked off their 61st season with the annual parade along Brookline Boulevard to Brookline Park. The weather for opening day was sunny and bright, perfect for a ballgame. Some of the region's familiar mascots, The McDonald's Hamburgler and Grimace, the Washington Wild Thing and the Rita's Italian Ice Cup, were on hand to help celebrate our national pastime have some fun with the kids.

Some day they'll be Little Leaguers
with dreams of going to the World Series.

After the parade, the players were treated to snacks while the mascots judged the many bright and colorful team banners. It was a difficult decision. All of the banners looked great, but in the end only three could take a prize. This year's 1st Place winner was Brookline Pub, followed closely by Steeltown Sportswear and Rita's Italian Ice.

Angelo Masullo Sr.   

After the parade festivities ended it was time for a day of ballgames, but first a special dedication was made to a man who spent 33 years with the Brookline Little League. Angelo Masullo Sr was a BLLA coach and past-president, and a mentor to the many kids who knew him, from 1967 to 1999. Big Ange passed away in 2005. The bronze plaque on the BLLA Wall of Fame is a nice tribute to his enduring spirit of service and devotion to the league.

Girls Pinto action on Opening Day.    Boys Little League action on Opening Day.

And now it's time to play ball. Good luck to all of the teams. Remember the time-honored tradition, taught to us old-timers by Ange Masullo, the coach who made us work hard on our skills oh so many summers ago: Hard Work Makes Winners.

Have a great season everyone!

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* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

Pittsburgh Pirate Rookie Ball * The T-ballers    Rita's Italian Ice

P-Dub Electric    Demino's Pizza

Bob Love Towing    Toole Auto Body

Krazy Brothers Pizza    Sal's Barber Shop

Avaloti's Painting    Bob Hayes Photography

Del Electric    Michael Poremski Plumbing

Moonlite Cafe    Roell Contracting

Seven-Eleven    Party Cake Bakery

Brookline Pub    Fiori's Pizzaria

Getaway Cafe    Howard Hanna

Krazy Brothers Pizza    Steeltown Sportswear

Brookline Medicine Shoppe    Down the hill to the park.

Entering Brookline Park.    Almost to the fields!

Banner judging is serious business.    Vice-President Keith Matts addresses the crowd.

Hot Dogs for everyone.    The mascots and lots of smiling kids
are all ready for the start of the season.

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