Brookline Little League Association
2012 Parade Photos

The crowd is gathered at the start
of the Little League parade.

APRIL 28 - The Brookline Little League kicked off their 62nd season with the annual Opening Day Parade. The forecast called for intermittent showers and the temperature hovered in the upper-30s. The dreary outlook didn't stop Brookline's boys and girls from showing off their new uniforms and team banners for everyone to see. This was the day they had been waiting for since signups in February. Despite the gloomy weather, it was time once again for the the baseball/softball season to begin, and these kids were ready.

The Little Pirates

The parade began at the Brookline firehouse and proceeded down the Brookline Boulevard to the Community Center. Once the procession arrived at Brookline Park's Sam Bryen Fields, the teams lined up along the fences for the team banner judging. While the players enjoyed refreshments, the Washington Wild Thing worked it's way around the crowd, acting zany and taking photographs with the kids.

The Washington Wild Thing is one wild cat.

Soon the banner winners were announced. It was a difficult decision. There were so many original and interesting choices. For the girls, Brookline Pub took the top prize. For the boys, Vinnie's Pretzels was judged the best. Both teams won a pizza party.

Brookline Pub    Vinnie's Pretzels

Once the parade festivities were over, it was time for the games to begin. Although the forecasted rain held off, the temperature dipped and snowflakes fluttered through the air. That didn't matter. The Little League season is here again and it's time to play ball. Good luck to all of the boys and girls. May your bats be strong and your gloves be quick.

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* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

The Instructional League Rookie Ballers    The Instructional League Rookie Ballers

Sal's Barber Shop    Avalotis

Englehardt Upholstering    Del Electronics

Rita's Italian Ice    Rohrich Toyota

PDub    Brookline Plumber

Bob's Towing    Vinnie's Pretzels

Michael Poremski Plumbing    Krazy Brothers Pizza

Fiori's Pizza    Brookline Pub

Party Cake Bakery    Getaway Cafe

Howard Hanna    Roell Contracting

Steeltown Sportswear    Brookline Medicine Shoppe

The Parade    The Parade

Time for the banner judging.    These girls put the Party in Party Cake Bakery

The Wild Thing has some fun
with the Little Rookie Ballers.

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