Brookline Baseball Club - 1914

1914 Brookline Baseball Club Championship Team

This is a photo of Brookline's championship baseball team from the summer of 1914. Not much is known about the team itself, although the players look to be the same age as modern-day American Legion or Super Colt ballplayers. Old Pittsburgh Press and Post-Gazette newpaper clippings from the 1910s and 1920s have occasionally shown Brookline game results in the roundup sections at the back of the sports page.

August 16, 1914 - Pittsburgh Press
Box Score from The Pittsburgh Press - August 16, 1914.

Until the early-1920s, the team played their home games on a baseball field located near the bottom of Beaufort Avenue. The field bordered Gallion, Wedgemere and Rossmore Avenues. The picture below, taken in 1916, shows a glimpse of the bleachers, player benches and backstop. The field stood next to the Brookline Elementary School gardens.

A glimpse of the ballfield bleachers,
player benches and backstop - 1916.

* Team photo provided by Harry Patterson *

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