Brookline Little League Association
American Legion 1995

Picture of 1995 American Legion Senior League Team

1995 Senior League Champions

Front Row: Luke Dempsey, Jeff Potanko, Pat Hucci, Russ Creely, Chris DeFilippo.
Standing: Manager Jim Motznik, T.J. Henderson, Matt Heimann, Harry Patterson, Coach Bob Schwemmer.

This was the last championship team for Coach Bob Schwemmer, the dean of Brookline Little League baseball who was talked out of retirement by Jim Motznik in 1991. Mr. Schwemmer began his coaching career in 1967 and "re-retired" after the 1997 season. During three decades as a manager and coach his teams amassed well over 300 victories and six championships, including three in a row from 1985-1987.

* Photo provided by Bob Schwemmer *

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