Brookline Little League Association
Miss Little League Contest (1958-1960)

For three years, from 1958 through 1960, the Brookline Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Miss Little League Contest. Beginning in early April, girls aged 8 through 12 were invited to enter their photographs, which were then displayed in the window of the Towne and Country Shop on Brookline Boulevard. Prior to the opening day of the Little League season, six or seven finalists were selected from the entries received.

Picture of Miss Little League Finalists - 1959
Chamber of Commerce 1959 Miss Little League finalists
and reigning Miss LL 1958 Kathleen Knipp (front).

These finalists then appeared, dressed in their finest Sunday outfits (at Opening Day in 1958, and at Brookline's July Fourth celebration the following two years) to be judged by a panel of Brookline merchants. The lucky winner was named Miss Little League, with all of the perks and privileges that come from being the prettiest little miss in Brookline.

The contest winner was awarded a free dress from Towne and Country and a pair of free dress shoes from Tryson's Shoe Store, in addition to coupons for various other Boulevard shops. The lucky young lady was also treated to a free oil portrait of herself, arranged by Ebbitt Studios. She rode in parades, appeared at nearly all appropriate community functions, and was basically wined and dined in celebrity fashion.

Picture of Miss Little League Finalists -1958
The six 1958 Miss Little League finalists receive corsages
from members of the Community Center baseball team
as event chairperson Mrs. Rudy Reinheimer looks on.

Why the contest ended is a mystery. After 1960 there is no more mention of it in the Brookline Journals, but for three years it was a huge community sensation. Below are photos of Kathleen Knipp, Miss LL 1958; Emily Martin, Miss LL 1959; and Donna Marie Lackner, Miss LL 1960.

Picture of Kathleen Knipp - 1958
Kathleen Knipp - 1958

Picture of Emily Martin - 1959
Emily Martin - 1959

Picture of Donna Marie Lackner -1960
Donna Marie Lackner - 1960

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