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The Annual "Moms" Game - 1970

Back in the 1960s and early-1970s the annual "Moms" game was a much anticipated part of the season. It was a softball game that was more entertaining than competitive. Each team brought along their own assorted bag of tricks, and practical jokes were the theme of the day.

These games brought hundreds of spectators to the Community Center fields, many of whom were the kids, who got quite a laugh watching their moms running about acting foolish. The umpires were usually local dignitaries who came prepared for the silly shenanigans of our temporarily possessed mothers, and brought along a few tricks of their own.

Below are some photos from the 1970 Moms game, held on July 19, which was won by the Senior League Moms, 7-5. Over 300 fans jammed the Community Center fields to witness the comedy in action.

LL Mom Hoots Pfeifer primps on the mound.

The home plate umpire was Reverend William Terza of Resurrection Parish while Pastor Edward Naumann of St. Mark Church handled first base. The second base umpire was Ronald Miller and third base was covered by Phil Sciulli. The Flying Nun Phyllis Carver and Mrs. Elva McGibbeny did the announcing for the game. The "cake" girls, or more specifically the "Lovely DeLovelies" were Walter Evans, his sidekick John Johnson and Bob Schwemmer. Their purpose shall remain shrouded by the passage of time, and we'll not touch the subject.

Phyllis Carver and Rita Hurley.

Suffice to say that it was a great day at the ballfield for young and old alike, and a tradition that ended too soon. It's been a long time since the "moms" have suited up, put on the leather gloves and limbered up in the on-deck circle. Here are some pictures to remind us of those simpler times before the advent of the "Corporate Mom."

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* The Little League Moms *

1970 Little League Moms

Front Row: Jeanie Ondik, Renee Walsh, Marian Alberts, Catherine Wheeler, Jean Riccardi, League President Sam Bryen, Ann LaCava, Millie Masullo, Bernie Szewczyk, Rita Hurley.
Standing: Mary Marino, Shirley Moroney, Beverly Sciulli, Angie Phillips, Barbara Schumacher, Mary Ann Henry, Mary Lou Miller, "Babe" Anderson, Josephine Nassif, "Hoots" Pfeifer, Phyllis Carver.

* The Senior League Moms *

1970 Senior League Moms

Front Row: Catherine DelGreco, Mary Baumiller, Shirley Vietmeier, Jean McGrath, Joann Molinda, Helen Kinzel,
Standing: Irene Inerthal, Terry Brust, Rosemary Romano, Connie Conti, Nancy Kovac, Lois Seiler, Eileen Click, Pat Buskirk, Angie Klingensmith, Phyllis Murray. The batboy sitting in front is Luke Vietmeier.

* Some Photos From The Game - July 19, 1970 *

Hoots Pfiefer and Bernie Szewczyk.    Matt Vietmeier delivers the relief.
"Hoots" Pfeifer and Bernie Szewczyk (left); Matt Vietmeier's "Speedy Delivery" service transports
relief pitcher Nancy Kovac. Walking to the mound was just too much.

Mary Ann Henry and Angie Klingensmith    Renee Walsh and Marian Alberts
Angie Klingensmith (left) crosses home as Mary Ann Henry looks on; Renee Walsh (right) gets doused
by manager Marian Alberts after one too many requests for a drink.

Father Terza, Jack Henry and Mrs. Sciulli
Father William Terza makes the calls as catcher Jack Henry awaits the pitch. Beverly Sciulli supervises.

The Senior League Moms - 1970
A cake is presented to the victorious Senior League Moms.

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* Photos provided by John Moroney and George Kinzel *

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