Brookline Little League Association
Pirates Day at PNC Park - 2005

Morgan Burton is greeted by a member of
 the Pirate team as she enters the field area.

In May of 2005, the players, coaches and parents of the Brookline Little League were treated to a day at PNC Park. Hundreds of Brookline fans attended the game and watched as the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Atlanta Braves.

The crowd gathered in the plaza outside the stadium before the game. The weather was hot, but the kids found the water park to be a fine place to cool off. Shortly before gametime, everyone was invited inside the stadium for a walk around the warning track. A few Pirates players were on hand to greet the young ballplayers, and a field camera projected everyone's image onto the PNC scoreboard as they came past third base.

It was a fun day for everyone who attended. Special thanks go out to Greg Jones, who organized the event.

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* Photos taken by Shawn McMahon *

The Party Cake girls are having a good time.

Greg Jones stands by the ticket window keeping
 track of those attending and handing out field passes    For many, the water park may have been the
 highlight of the day

The boys of Matrascia Plumbing are looking
 for a few good autographs    A large crowd was on hand, and soon
the summer heat was too much and the
lure of the cool water too strong.

A nice walk around the warning track
gave everyone a feel for what it is
like to be on a major league field    The old style scoreboard along the outfield wall
 hearkens back to the days at Forbes Field

The new scoreboard is state-of-the-art, and
 the kids got to see themselves projected in wide-screen

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