Brookline Little League Association

The Undefeated, Too
That's 31-In-A-Row for Manager Tim Reitmeyer and
the Steve Poremski Plumbing Little League Team

The Brookline Little League Baseball program will be entering it 50th season in the year 2000. In all that time, there had never been a Little League team (or any other for that matter) to put together back-to-back undefeated seasons, until now.

Manager Tim Reitmeyer's Steve Poremski Plumbing team has capped off the final decade of the 20th century by claiming consecutive Little League titles in 1998 and 1999, compiling 13-0 and 18-0 records in the process. The 1998 Poremski Plumbing squad was the first undefeated Brookline Little League team in the last thirty-four years!

It's possible that there was a longer winning streak. In the mid-sixties, the American Legion Little League team posted 20-0 and 19-1 years in succession (streak unknown) and, in 1955, Jim Klingensmith's Pony League team chalked up an incredible 28-0 record. Klingensmith's assistant coach that year was, ironically, none other than Harry Reitmeyer, Tim's father. Whether that streak continued into the 1956 season is not known.

These are the only two squads that could challenge Poremski Plumbing's 31-game winning streak. However, we are certain that no team in Brookline baseball history had gone undefeated two years in a row, until now.

Poremski coaches George Nassif,
Rich Munizza, Tim Reitmeyer and
Kevin Reitmeyer after clinching
second title in July 1999.    Poremski team celebrates 1999 championship victory.
Coaches George Nassif, Rich Munizza, Tim and Kevin Reitmeyer (left); Championship celebration - 1999.

This is quite an accomplishment and the Brookline Little League Association sends its sincerest congratulations to manager Tim Reitmeyer, coaches George Nassif, Rich Munizza and Kevin Reitmeyer, sponsor Steve Poremski and all of the players over the past two seasons who contributed to this remarkable feat: David Christopher, John Corcoran, Scott Dallas, Kurt Faust, Tommy Francesconi, John Gallagher, Alan McClelland, Domenic Mecca, Mike Minor, Dave Mizer, Kevin O'Rourke, Brandon Poremski, Josh Poremski, Andrew Robinson, Tim Schmidt, Ryan Schanck, Billy Seibel, Dave Vergot and Demetri Xenakis.

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