Brookline Little League Association
Maury Wills Baseball Camp
at Moore Park - July 17, 1968

Maury Wills instructing Brookline ballplayers
 proper hitting technique - July 17, 1968.

In December of 1967 the Pirates acquired Maury Wills from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wills was already a legend when he arrived in Pittsburgh, and for the next two seasons he delighted Pirate fans with both his skills and his dedication to community partnership.

Maury Wills and Mayor Joseph Barr being
 interviewed at Moore Park - July 17, 1968.    Maury Wills instructing Mayor Joseph Barr
 on hitting for average - July 17, 1968.

Maury Wills came to Moore Park on July 17, 1968 for a baseball camp sponsored by the Department of Parks and Recreation. This was a special day for the many Brookline baseball fans who attended the event. Wills spent the afternoon teaching fundamentals and mingling with his many wide-eyed young fans. Also in attendance was Pittsburgh Mayor Joseph M. Barr and Councilman Richard Caligiuri.

Maury Wills instructs an attentive
crowd of Brookline ballplayers the proper
way to hit a ball - July 17, 1968.

Wills left the Pirates after the 1968 season, but the memories of his trip to Moore Park have lasted a lifetime for those fortunate to have spent a day with one of the true legends of baseball. In the photo at the top, Maury demonstrates proper batting technique to several youngsters, including Carmen Damico, Walter Bonadio, Joe Borik, Herb Bittner, Jimmy Gormley, Joey Anania, Cheech Anania, John Ducouer and Johnny Jarris.

* Photos provided by Mike Radley *

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