Berwin, Birtley and Wolford Avenue - 1925

Berwin, Birtley and Wolford Avenues - 1925.

This 1925 photo was taken from atop Rossmore Avenue. It shows parts of Birtley, Berwin and Wolford Avenues during their initial stages of development. Berwin, which runs down the middle of the photo, is just a dirt road with two tire ruts. The same can be said for Wolford, which is at the bottom.

This is a good view of Brookline at a time when the housing market in the community was beginning to boom. The wooded area along Birtley and this lower section of Berwin, however, were not developed in earnest until the 1950s. Up until the early-1960s, this part of the street was still paved with a rudimentary coat of asphalt.

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