Brookline Blvd looking towards Queensboro - 1924
Then and Now

Brookline Boulevard looking
towards  Queensboro Ave - 1924.

This is a great look at the Boulevard taken at the intersection with Glenarm Avenue looking towards the intersection with Queensboro Avenue. You can see Triangle Park, where the cannon sits today, and Chelton Avenue. The United Presbyterian Church had recently been enlarged and the trolley line is heading towards East Brookline.

Where the cannon sits today there is a small building, owned by the Freehold Real Estate Company. This is the office where many of the new home sales in East Brookline were consumated. The building is long gone now, and the island has been transformed into a memorial to the many Brookline veterans who have served the country in the many conflicts of the 20th century. Note the absence of trees on Chelton Avenue. It looks so bare. Today there are full grown trees lining each side of the street.

* Photo provided by Marion Scanlon Block DeMase *

Brookline Boulevard looking
towards Queensboro Ave - 2004.

The same intersection in 2004. We can see that the trees have grown tall in 80 years. The cannon now sits in the triangle were the Freehold building once stood. Chelton is obscured by folliage. The familiar Presbyterian Church and its tell-tale red doors stand firm and we can still see Resurrection at the summit of Creedmoor Avenue.

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