The Brookline Spring - 1905

The Great Brookline Spring was located somewhere along Berkshire Avenue, between Stebbins and Castlegate Avenue. According to early maps, it was the natural source of a large stream that flowed along the path of Berkshire Avenue and followed the land contours to Saw Mill Run Creek.

This 1905 Pittsburgh Press newspaper clipping makes note of the inexhaustible supply of water and how the source of the spring was walled in and developed into a romanesque gathering place.

It is not known when this picturesque Berkshire Avenue attraction was removed, but by the mid-1920s there were homes along the entire length of Berkshire from Castlegate to Stebbins. It's logical to assume that as residential development accelerated, the stream and it's source were eventually diverted into the storm water system, which was constructed in 1923.

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