Artist's Conception - May 1947
Brookline Memorial Community Center

The new Brookline Community Center
 as envisioned in May 1947

Brookline's Memorial Park will have facilities for outings and many kinds of sports. Here is an architects sketch of the proposed facilities. The are: 1 - Community Building; 2- Stadium; 3 - Swimming Pool; 4 - Ball Field; 5 - Amphitheatre; 6 - Tennis Courts; 7 - Children's Playground; 8 - Badminton Courts; 9 - Croquet Courts; 10 - Parking Area; 11 - Motor Gate; 12 - Ski Tower; 13 - Toboggan Slide; 14 - Picnic Groves; 15 - Boy Scout House.

This is an interesting look at the community center. It's difficult to imagine today, but this is what Brookline Park was envisioned to look like. The plans have gone through so many changes over the last half century. Brookline Park may not look at all like this 1947 artist's conception, but in the end, Brookline did get what it wanted. Brookline Memorial Park has been developed into a first class recreation facility.

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* Information from the Pittsburgh Press, May 4, 1947 *

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