The Old Activities Building
"The Blockhouse"

Construction of old Recreation Center

These pictures show the 1962 construction of the proposed Brookline Recreation Center building on the upper level, next to the old farmhouse. This was actually only the basement of a much larger building, which was slated to be built later that decade.

Artist's conception of new Brookline Recreation Center - 1962.
A 1962 artist's conception of the proposed Brookline Recreation Center building.

However, fundraising efforts failed to provide the necessary capital to complete the ambitious project. This "blockhouse," as it became known, along with the existing farmhouse, served as the activities buildings until 1971, when the city constructed the present-day Brookline Memorial Recreation Center building along Oakridge Street.

Construction of old Recreation Center

During those nine years from 1962 to 1971, the basement building and the farmhouse were the center of activity in the park. The playground was located on the hillside. Basketball and tennis courts were constructed in the open area next to the blockhouse, and for a few years an ice skating rink was in operation during the winter months.

Construction of old Recreation Center

The final image below shows the blockhouse in 1979, shortly before it was torn down demolition to make room for an extensive expansion of Brookline Park. The building was run down and had seen better days, but the memories of the glory days of the 1960s have cemented its spot in Brookline Park history.

Picture of old Recreation Center

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