A Brookline Landmark
"THE PIPE" - 1975

Picture of The Pipe, 1975.

Anyone who grew up in East Brookline in the 1960's and early 1970's has to remember "The Pipe". As kids, it was the fastest shortcut from the lower boulevard to the Community Center ball fields. The path went down the hill from the boulevard into the wooded ravine, over the storm water pipe, and up the hill to the rear of the Recreation Center playground.

Two streams converged near there and passed under the pipe, making their way along the valley floor to Saw Mill Run Creek. It stood nearly fifteen feet above the stream in the center, and getting across could be tricky. The older boys walked across the pipe without fear of falling, while the more timid younger kids would straddle the metal and shimmy across.

In 1975, when the ravine was being filled for the expansion of Brookline Park, the old pipe was buried. This picture shows the pipe's last day above ground. Soon it would be gone forever, and it's legacy lost to future generations.

However, for those who remembered using the pipe as a daily transit route to the Community Center, it will be remembered forever.

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