Brookline Knights Concession Stand
Storage Shed and Lighted Scoreboard

The Knights new concession stand/storage shed
and scoreboard at McGibbeny Field, 2003.

In summer of 2003, the Brookline Knights received an early Christmas present. Their new concession stand and storage facility was built and ready to open for the start of the football season. In planning for several years, the structure was built largely with funds received from former City Councilman Michael Diven and his successor Jim Motznik.

The building has a kitchen to serve as a concession stand and food preparation area, and also a storage room for the uniforms and equipment. In addition to the new building, Knights President Joe Nicholas worked out an arrangement with Coca-Cola to receive a new lighted scoreboard. Never more will someone have to ask, "How much time is left, and by the way, what's the score?" It is now presented in bright lights for all to see.

The building and the scoreboard are nice additions to the Brookline Park landscape and much welcomed additions to the Knights program.

The Knights concession stand/storage shed.

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