McGibbeny Field Modifications - 2008
Enlargement and Beautification

The infield and outfield will be resurfaced.

In spring of 2008, work began on a major modification of McGibbeny Field. In an effort to reduce seasonal wear and tear on the field surfaces caused by the baseball and football programs, the city hired Facchiano Construction to refurbish the ball field.

The outfield fences and drainage runs were removed, and the field extended into the new landfill surface outside the old right field fence. The fill was dumped back in 2001.

The outfields were resurfaced and leveled, and the infield shortened to the proper dimensions. New fences were installed around the whole field, including the backstop. The outfields were extended in left and center, and right field was lengthened considerably.

The new alignment lessened the amount of the baseball infield in use during football season, providing the Brookline Knights and the Brookline Little League with more suitable playing surfaces for years to come, as well as being an overall improvement to the park itself.

The right field area is being moved further back
into the new landfill, giving more room for
the Brookline Knights football field.

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