The District Justice Program at Southwood


Southwood's chemical dependency program is specifically devoted to the care and treatment of adolescent chemical dependency. Our treatment goals involve helping the patient to become free of the chemical use, as well as reflecting in emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues.

The expertise and dedication of our multi-disciplinary treatment team provide a thorough focus on the disease of addiction and the issues of adolescent development that so often influence the addictive process. Utilizing the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as the foundation of the treatment program, Southwood approaches chemical dependency with a holistic perspective that encompasses all aspects of the chemically involved adolescent and his or her family.

Mission of the District Justice Program

The District Justice Program will provide prevention education and intervention services to the offender and his/her family, thereby decreasing the possibility of recidivism and assiting those offenders who are experiencing problems related to their chemical usage.


1. Southwood will provide sound education discussing the reality of adolescent chemical usage and the responsibility of the underage drinker and the DUI offender.

2. Southwood will assist those offenders and their families with assessment and referral services.

3. Southwood will work closely with the referring District Justices' by providing follow-up information, including the offender and his/her families level of participation in the program and , if needed, further treatment recommendations.


Lecture - 6 sessions
A. Offender only - 4 sessions
B. Parents only - 2 sessions

Session 1 - CD Dynamic.
Session 2 - Drug Use and Abuse.
Session 3 - Signs and Symptoms, Levels and Stages, Use to Addiction.
Session 4 - Driving Under The Influence.
Session 5 - Parenting and Drugs (Parents Only).
Session 6 - Helping Yourself and Your Child (Parents Only).

Call for an appointment, 1-800-400-7400.

COST: $80.00 paid at first session.

South Hills - Wednesdays - 7:00-8:30pm

To Complete Program Offenders Must:

Call for an appointment at Southwood, 1-800-400-7400.

1. Attend sessions one through four.
2. Parents will attend sessions five and six.
3. Sign the registration form.
4. Sign the rules/requirements form.
5. Render the $80.00 for all six sessions.

If the above requirements are not met, the offender will be referred back to the District Justice for non-compliance and original disposition.

Chemical Dependency Services
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Southwood is a part of InterCare -
comprehensive psychiatric services for children, adolescents, and families.

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