United Citizens Against Narcotics

What is UCAN?

United Citizens Against Narcotics is a group of concerned Pittsburghers who are against drug trafficking in our streets. Our purpose is to work with the Police Bureau and other law officials to rid our neighborhoods of illiegal drug dealing and return the streets to law abiding citizens.

What is the UCAN complaint form and where can I get a copy?

It is our belief that much of the drug dealing in this city goes on right in our own streets, in plain view. But, other than calling 9-1-1 there has not been an easy way to report this activity. By using the UCAN silent complaint form, you can pass on what you see to the Police Bureau. Forms are available at the Brookline Library, the C.O.P. mini-station, and at District Justice Charlie McLaughlin's office at 736 Brookline Boulevard. Just stop by and pick one up, fill it out, and drop it in the mail. There are no questions asked, all information is confidential and it is not necessary to give your name.

What should I look for?

Look for patterns of behavior in your neighborhood that make you suspicious. Let common sense be your guide. One strange car may simply be an out-of-town visitor, but many brief stops at a house by dozens of strange cars may be a sign of drug dealing. Some other common signs include:

* Unusual late-night traffic or activity.
* Exchanges of money and packages from curbside to car window.
* Car horn "signals".
* Sharing of a substance among a group, such as passing a marijuana cigarette.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Organized Crime, Narcotics
and Intelligence Branch
202 Penn Circle West
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

Crime Prevention Headquarters
7101 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15208
(412) 244-4180

Crime Prevention - Zone 4
West End
(412) 937-3070

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