Resurrection Church - 1910

Resurrection Church and School - 1910.

Construction of Resurrection Church and School began in 1909. The Church opened its doors in the spring of 1910, using the ground floor of the new school building. The construction of the school was completed in 1912, and the school officially opened in September of that year with an initial enrollment of 115 pupils. The church remained on the ground floor of the schoolhouse for 29 years, until 1939, when work on a seperate church was completed. Below is a photo of the sanctuary that was used for almost 30 years by Father Quinn and his associate pastors to celebrate mass.

Resurrection Church and School
Under Construction - 1910.

Looking from Brookline Boulevard near the triangle, Resurrection stands atop Creedmoor hill with construction proceeding on the second floor.

Resurrection Church Sanctuary - 1910.

The original church sanctuary in the basement.

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