Brookline Neighborhood Trivia Answers

1. Westview Park in Bellevue

2. Brookline Elementary School

3. Triangle Park --- The Cannon

4. The Boulevard Movie Theatre and The Brookline Theatre

5. September 3, 1966 --- Route 39/Brookline

6. St. Piux X Church and school.

7. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

8. Brookline Business Men's Association

9. Joe's Tavern, Rudt's and Ryan's Boulevard Cafe

10. Pioneer Quality Market

11. Alm's Pharmacy

12. Nolan's Hardware, Brookline Pharmacy and Giorgio's Pizza.

13. Brookline Area Community Council

14. Brookline Memorial Recreation Center

15. Anderson Farm --- Community Center

16. Sam Bryen

17. Mazza Pavilion, formerly called Brookline Terrace.

18. PAT bus driver John Dowling. Extra Credit: The Brookline Bears.

19. Chuck Senft

20. farming and mining

21. The American Revolution.

22. Aidyl Avenue, which is Lydia in reverse.

23. Pioneer Avenue

24. West Liberty Borough, Lower St. Clair Township and Baldwin Township.

25. Elizabeth Seton High School was dedicated in 1941. Extra Credit: When the girl's only high school closed in 1979, it was merged with boy's only South Hills Catholic High School and girl's only St. Francis Academy to create the co-ed Seton-LaSalle High School.

26. St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church

27. DeBor Funeral Home

28. Meyer's Mobile Gas Station --- Meyer also owned the garage that is currently Betz Auto Body

29. $1

30. Brookline, Massachusetts

31. Plummer's Run

32. South Hills High School and Carrick High School

33. Fire hoses were hung inside the tower to dry.

34. Dan McGibbeny

35. C. Dale Noah

36. Charlie's Angels

37. The Brookline Breeze

38. 19th ward and 32nd ward

39. East Brookline, Ebenshire Village, Pioneer Avenue and the Brookline Flyer

40. Liepack's Pharmacy

41. Johnny Unitas

42. Danny McGibbeny

43. "Porky" Chedwick

44. 1904, trolley tunnel --- 1924, Liberty Tunnels

45. Toner Institute

46. Suzie McConnell-Serio

47. Fiori's Pizza. Extra Credit: prior to 1974, Capital Pizza and before that, DeBaldo's Pizza.

48. Charleson's Leader Drug Store

49. Jack Kobistek

50. Moore Park. Extra Credit: Pittsburgh Steelers

51. Bodkin Street

52. Ritz Bowling Alley

53. Brookline Savings and Trust

54. St. Norbert's, St. Bernard's, St. Pius X and Our Lady of Loreto.

55. Baskin-Robbin's Ice Cream Store

56. James Klingensmith

57. FreeHold Real Estate Development Company

58. Miss Brookline Little League

59. DePaul Institute. Extra Credit: The Bradley Center

60. Pioneer School. Extra Credit: South Brook Middle School

61. The Brookline Plumber

62. Joseph F. Moore

63. Resurrection, St. Pius X and Our Lady of Loreto

64. Father Quinn

65. Tony Colangelo, affectionately known as Tony the Tank, Guido, or just "Bear!"

66. 1958

67. Carmalt School

68. 1950

69. Belgian Blocks

70. The Church of the Advent

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