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Runners and walkers along the 1400 block of
Brookline Boulevard shortly after the start
of the 32nd annual Brookline Breeze 5K.

The 32nd Annual Brookline Breeze 5K Fitness Run and Walk, along with the One Mile Mini-Breeze Fun Run and Dog Walk, was held on Saturday, August 10, 2013. Over 800 runners and walkers came to Brookline Park to participate in what has become an August tradition in the Brookline community. With the temperature in the mid-70s, it was a wonderful day for a morning run or a brisk walk through the heart of town.

Planning for the 32nd running began back in January. There was much apprehension with regards to the Brookline Boulevard reconstruction project, which began a month later. With assurances that there would be only minor inconveniences and a lane restriction, it was decided to proceed with race preparations. Online registration opened in April and the 2013 Breeze banner was first seen along the boulevard during the Memorial Day Parade.

The Memorial Day Parade May 27, 2013.

While the Breeze Week Car Cruise at the Community Center contributed to the pre-race festivities on the eve of the run, registrations rose to 625. Another strong race-day turnout pushed that total above the 800 mark for the second year in a row. The Brookline Breeze focuses on fitness and healthy lifestyles. These numbers are an encouraging sign in the city-wide campaign to promote an awareness of physical fitness for people of all ages.

Of the 814 entrants in this year's Breeze, it is interesting to note that while the majority of participants were from Brookline and nearby neighborhoods, there was also quite a few runners and walkers that visited from afar. There were a total of 118 zip codes represented on the registration list, and on a national level, there were seventeen states and the District of Columbia (PA, IL, OH, MA, NM, CA, MD, NY, TX, WV, HI, IN, CO, AZ, VA, FL and DC.)

Brookline Mini-Breeze Logo.
Artwork by Joseph Brendel.

The One-mile Mini-Breeze began at 8:30am, followed shortly afterwards by the Dog Walk. Seven-year old A.J. Aquino crossed the finish line first with a time of 7:20, followed by six-year old Emma Woshner at 7:30. In third place was nine-year old Sebastian Cho.

When the clock approached the start of the 5K event at 9:00am, the Keystone Young Marines color guard presented our National colors. The guard included Brennon Williams, Leonard Bowers, Mason Bowers and Zachary McKay. Afterwards, the National Anthem was sung by Kiersten Swanson.

There was also a short acknowledgement of a very special ocassion. Present near the start line were Tim Keefer of Perrysville, Colin Hackman from Wilmington, Delaware, and Riz Valles of the Pittsburgh EMS service. At last year's Breeze, Tim suffered a heart attack near Whited Street, and it was the quick actions of both Colin and Riz that saved his life. Tim has made a full recovery and participated in this year's race with his friends.

Now it was time to start the race. Breeze co-founder Mike Radley fired the starter's pistol and the procession of runners and walkers began their march up Brookline Boulevard.

Justin Weaver of Greensburg, PA, crossed the finish line first, with a time of 16:14, to take the top spot. The female winner was Lisa Lucas, of Upper St. Clair, who broke the ribbon at the 19:05 mark. The top local runners from the Brookline community were Devon Matthews (19:03) and Carrie Chisholm (21:54).

The Breeze Week Car Cruise on Friday night.
The Brookline Breeze attracted 814 participants this year. Over 700 participated in the 5K Run and Walk.

After the race, Brookline Park was alive with activity. Live music was provided by Brookline's own "The Wurms," featuring Jake and Mark Zucco, Jeff Fetterman and Joe Gordon. The four rockers wurmed their way through a variety of classics while event-goers helped themselves to refreshments at the park pavilion, including drinks, fruit, ice cream from Scoops on the Boulevard, pizza from Antonio's Pizzeria and pretzels from Vinnie's Pretzel Shoppe. The Citiparks Roving Art Cart was also present, treating the kids to some cool crafts.

Of the 567 main event participants who completed the 5K race, the senior runner was Toni Farah, 80, of Brookline, and the youngest was Rosalia Varlotta, 4, of Wexford. Toni and Rosalia were the recipients of the Fran Walsh Award, given annually to the oldest and youngest 5K finishers.

In the Dollar Bank team competition, the 13-17 year old winner was Ring Gold (Noah Smith, Kirsten McMichael, Jared Jimirro, Caleb Lunn and Janika Hutton). For the speedy teens from Monongahela, this was their second year as team champs.

After the awards presentation was over it was time to go home and enjoy a fine Saturday afternoon. It was a wonderful and eventful day in the life.

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32nd Annual Brookline Breeze Logo.
Artwork by Doug Brendel.

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Photos From The Race and Awards Presentation

The Breeze Week Car Cruise on Friday night.
The Community Center Breeze Week Car Cruise kicked things off during packet pickup on Friday night.

Packet stuffing on Thursday night.    Packet stuffing on Thursday night.

Mini-Breeze starting line.    A parent showing proper starting line form.

The Mini-Breezers are off!    The Dog Walk is about to start.

The pooches are off on their stroll.    A.J. Aquino wins the Mini-Breeze.

Emma finishes second.    Sebastian finishes third.

The sun is low and the shadows long
at the 5K start line at 09:00.    The crowd of runners and walkers
at the 5K start line.

Faces in the crowd.    Faces in the crowd.

Keystone Young Marines color guard.    And their off.

The Wurms!    Runners along Pioneer Avenue.

Runners along Pioneer Avenue.    Runners along Pioneer Avenue.

Runners along Pioneer Avenue.    Runners passing Brookline Elementary School.

A cool spot on the return trip.    The Breeze is a family affair.

Justin Weaver was the top male runner.    Runners approach the finish line.

Lisa Lucas was the top female runner.    Runners approach the finish line.

Brookline Park after the race.    The food pavilion.

Brookline Park after the race.    Brookline Park after the race.

The food pavilion.    Brookline Park after the race.

Brookline Park after the race.    Runners approach the finish line.

Runners approach the finish line.    Runners approach the finish line.

Brookline Park after the race.    Brookline Park after the race.

Runners checking their times.    Brookline Park after the race.

Brookline Park after the race.    Beginning the awards presentation.

The top five male runners.    The top five female runners.

The awards presentation.    The awards presentation.

The awards presentation.    Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, State Senator
Wayne Fontana and Race Director Clint Burton.

The awards presentation.    The awards presentation.

The awards presentation.    The awards presentation.

The awards presentation.    The awards presentation.

The awards presentation.    Our youngest 5K runners.

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Justin Weaver and Lisa Lucas
2013 Brookline Breeze 5K Winners

2013 Brookline Breeze winners!
Justin Weaver and Lisa Lucas.

The Breeze Race Directors Clint Burton and Debbie Brust would like to thank the following sponsors, partners and individuals who provided so much generous funding and effort towards this year's Brookline Breeze.

Our Gold Level Breeze Sponsors: Dollar Bank, Allegheny Sports Medicine, Citiparks, Highmark BC/BS, Moonlite Cafe, South Pittsburgh Development Corporation, Antonio's Pizzeria, Pennsylvania American Water, The Brookline Medicine Shoppe, Elite Runners and Walkers, FROGGY, Wise Snacks and HK Anderson.

Our Brookline Breeze Sponsors: A-Boss Opticians, DeBor Funeral Home, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, State Senator Wayne Fontana, SPC Networks, Brookline Chamber of Commerce, Hideaway Mini-Mart, Vinnie's Pretzel Shoppe, Knights of Columbus #491, Howard Hanna - Tim Reitmeyer, Michael Poremski Plumbing, Scoops on the Boulevard and Brookline Regional Catholic School.

We receive support from so many others: Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Parks Acting-Director Louann Horan, Citiparks Special Events Staff and Asst. Director Tim Ishman, Area Supervisor James Krashna, former-Director Mike Radley, Mary Beth Mueller, Citiparks Warehouse, Citiparks Audio/Visual Staff, Pittsburgh Emergency Medical Services, Department of Public Works, Department of Environmental Services, Salvation Army, Brookline Recreation Center Staff, Allegheny County Police, Allegheny County Special Deputies, Emergency Police, Pittsburgh Police, Borough of Dormont Police, Keystone Young Marines, Brookline Girl Scouts, Mark Courtney and Runner's High, Kira Foley and Maureen Cunningham of the Brentwood Firecracker 5K, Joe Nicholas, Keith Matts, Jon Donley, Mike Rieber, and logo designers Joseph and Douglas Brendel.

There are also the many dedicated volunteers who helped with the packet stuffing, race registrations, refreshments, barricades, planning and so much more. The Brookline Breeze 5K Fitness Run and Walk truly is a community effort, and one of the reasons that Brookline is such a special place. Thanks again everyone!

* Photos provided by Clint Burton, Linda Andrews and Doug Brendel *

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