Sears Catalog Homes In Brookline

From 1908 through 1940, home buyers could purchase a house by browsing through the Sears Catalog, choosing the home style of their choice, and simply placing an order.

The prefabricated building materials would be delivered to the homeowner's lot, ready to be pieced together by independent local builders.

Sears Modern Homes Catalog - 1922

Sears Modern Homes program was an innovative way to build homes. Having the materials pre-cut and construction-ready resulted in a 40% savings in overall labor costs, making them a popular choice among first-time home buyers.

The Fullerton - Sears Catalog Home

Over 100,000 catalog homes were sold in the thirty-three years that the Modern Homes program was available. With much of the housing development in Brookline ocurring during those years, it is quite common to find Sears Catalog homes like The Fullerton, dotting the streets and hillsides of the community.

The Real Thing - A Fullerton in Brookline
A Fullerton along Oakridge Street.

Do You Own A Sears Catalog Home?

For catalog listings and illustrations of Sears Catalog home designs sold from 1908 through 1940, explore the links below. Check your deed and see what year your home was built, then check the listing for that year to see if your home might be a Sears Catalog home.

1908-1914          1915-1920          1921-1926

1927-1932          1933-1940

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Confirmed Sears Catalog Homes in Brookline:

1134 Chelton Avenue
1432 Chelton Avenue
1206 Brookline Boulevard
1206 Wareman Avenue
1226 Milan Avenue
2310 Beaufort Avenue
2344 Wolford Street
628 Bellaire Avenue
757 Bayridge Avenue
1674 Seaton Street
1331 Breining Street
1327 Oakridge Street
1331 Oakridge Street
1332 Oakridge Street

For more information on Sears Catalog homes, visit
Wikipedia - Sears Catalog Home

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Sears Catalog homes were such a popular buy in the Pittsburgh market during
the 1920s that they came up with a design known as The Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh - Sears Catalog Home

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