The Spring Easter Egg Hunt - 2000

Picture of Easter
 Egg Hunt, April 2000.

For many years, the Brookline Chamber of Commerce sponsored an annual spring Easter Egg Hunt at the Brookline Memorial Recreation Center. Bales of hay hide hundreds of colored eggs from the throng of eager three to six year olds. Lying amid the hundreds of eggs are special golden Chamber Eggs that will bring the finder a stuffed animal or other fun prize.

Below are photos from the 2000 Easter Egg Hunt. Nearly 200 kids participated on what was a fine Spring morning. It was a perfect way to end the winter blues. The children had a great time and the parents got to enjoy a fine day in the sun watching their kids delight in scavenging for the hidden treasures.

* Photos provided by Clint Burton and Jan Beiler *

Councilman Michael Diven and the lovely Easter Bunny.

Thanks to the many volunteers.

Chairperson Frank F. DeBor (left) and
Chamber member Bob Kuss welcome the parents
and children to the 2000 Egg Hunt.

Primed for the hunt.

Look at what I found, Mommy!

The hunt is on! - April 2000.

The hunt is on! - April 2000.

The kids are ready to begin the hunt.

Plenty of eggs and plenty of kids.

The Easter Bunny brought smiles to the faces of many
children on this sunny spring day.

A Year Later - 2001 - Another Successful Hunt

Another fine spring day for the 2001 treasure hunt.

Hootie the clown was on hand to
provide some added entertainment.

Councilman Jim Motznik presents a large
easter bunny to the lucky girl who found
the golden chamber egg!

A Blast From The Past

Easter Egg Hunt, April 1983.
Four year old Katy Medine of Bernard St, Brookline, found the Chamber Egg and won a basket full of sweet Easter surprises at the Brookline Chamber of Commerce's annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 2 at Brookline Memorial Center.
* Reprinted from Brookline Journal - 4/6/83 *

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