The Bloomfield Bridge

The old
 Bloomfield Bridge

The original Bloomfield Bridge was built in 1914. The 2100 foot span connected Liberty Avenue in the Bloomfield district with Grant Boulevard (Bigelow Boulevard) and the Polish Hill district on the other side of the valley. It was a span of major importance as it shortened the trip around the railway lines along the valley floor, eliminating the long loop around Baum Boulevard or the arduous haul along Liberty Avenue.

The old Bloomfield Bridge
 under construction.

The aging bridge was closed in 1978 and dismantled in 1980. Construction on a replacement began in 1984 and was completed two years later. The new bridge ended nearly a decade of motorist frustration and restored easy access from Bloomfield to Bigelow Boulevard, much to the delight of city travelers.

The old
 Bloomfield Bridge under construction

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