The Hotel Carlton House

The Carlton House - 1950s.

The Hotel Carlton House, shown here in the 1950s, was located at the crossroads of Bigelow Boulevard, Sixth Avenue, Grant Street and Court Place, formerly known as Wylie Avenue. The 21-story hotel opened in 1952, the first new hotel built downtown in over twenty years. Accompanying advertising campaign photos show the lobby and one of the rooms as they looked at the time of the grand opening.

Room in the Carlton House - 1952    Room in the Carlton House - 1952
The interior of the main lobby and a guest room at the Carlton House in 1952.

The Carlton House contained 550 units and cost about $17 million to construct. The complex reserved one story for a shopping plaza and included a four-story parking garage. The hotel hosted a variety of famous people including Mohammed Ali, the Rolling Stones, Richard Nixon, Nikita Khrushchev, and even Lassie.

Carlton House ashtray    Carlton House hanger

The final photo below shows the implosion of the Hotel Carlton House on August 31, 1980. The once bustling hotel and shopping plaza was removed to make way for the construction of the BNY Mellon Tower and Steel Plaza.

The Carlton House - 1950s.

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