Brookline and Surroundings - Map - 1916
(Revised in 1922 and 1928)

The following map sections make up a detailed look at the Brookline community and the perimeter areas in 1916. The map is a part of a larger City of Pittsburgh Map located in the The Hopkins Map Collection, part of the University of Pittsburgh's online Digital Library. The 1916 map shown was revised in 1922 and again in 1928.

These Real Estate plate maps show the street and lot layouts for all of the existing roadways, and also present a look at future planned developments. All of the lots are numbered, sized, and show the owner of record. If there is a home or business on the lot, it is shown along with the building owner. Open areas show the landowner, plot acreage and any homes or structures located on the property. Also listed are the names of the various subdivisions and the name of the development company responsible for that section of homes.

The numbered plates shown below that make up the Brookline community and the map legend.

Also of interest is the added listing of old street names from when Brookline was part of West Liberty. When the Borough was annexed into the City of Pittsburgh in 1908, many of the street names were changed. The year 1916 was a time when the Brookline community was a rare mix of rural farmland and urban residential development. The community was growing rapidly, as witnessed by the large number of planned housing projects.

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