One PPG Place and PPG Plaza

The towering One PPG Place

PPG Place, nicknamed the "glass palace", is probably one of the most famous office complexes in the country. A 40-story reflective glass tower, surrounded by four 6-story glass buildings as well as a 14-story glass building occupies a 5.5 acre site in downtown Pittsburgh. What makes the complex so distinctive is the thicket of 231 spires crowning the buildings, with the largest being 82 feet tall.

The PPG Complex dominates the city center.

The buildings are completely covered with glass panels, a PPG product, and like the US Steel Building was meant to be a towering advertisement for PPG's new Solarban 550 Twindow insulating glass. The panels are actually black, but since they are so reflective the building oftens appears a shade of blue. There are almost a million square feet of the panels covering the six buildings.

The PPG buildings rise
 skyward, all symetrically in line    The fountain surrounding the obelisk in summertime.

Groundbreaking for the complex was in January of 1981 and in December of 1983 the main tower was completed. The complex was dedicated on April 11, 1984, the cost of construction was $200 million. One PPG Place is home to PPG Industries, formerly known as Pittsburgh Plate Glass, founded in 1883.

PPG Plaza in the wintertime. The skating rink
is a popular place to enjoy a winter day.

The six building complex surrounds the one acre PPG Plaza that contains a 44-foot granite obelisk standing atop four spheres. In the summer there is a 140 jet fountain around the obelisk and the plaza is a large open space. In the winter the obelisk is covered by a large lighted christmas tree with an ice skating rink surrounding it. The rink is slightly larger than the one in Rockefeller Center in New York.

A young visitor silohouetted in the
light of the Dancing Fountains - 2007.

The buildings also contain several specialty restaurants and a large food court. The building bordering Stanwix Street is known as "The Wintergarden" and it contains many varieties of flora and trees. It is a beautiful place to escape the winter weather. The PPG complex is arguably the nicest corporate complex in the city of Pittsburgh, and an integral part of the city's remarkable skyline.

One PPG Place

Wikipedia: PPG Place.

A Panoramic Shot of PPG Plaza in the wintertime. It is a great place to
 gather for a fun time in the heart of the city. Click on photo for a
 larger picture

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