Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle - 1890

The Golden Triangle 1890

Steamboats and barges dominate the Monangahela riverfront as Pittsburgh nears the end of the 19th century. The old Point Bridge, the old covered Union Bridge and Exposition Hall stand where Point State Park is today. Industry is the most prominent feature of the Golden Triangle in the late-1800s.

The Golden Triangle - 1890
The view from atop Mount Washington in 1890.

The photo below shows the North Side, or Allegheny City, back in 1890. The old Union Bridge, a covered toll bridge built in 1874, connects the city of Pittsburgh to it's neighbor city across the river. The Union Bridge stood until 1907, when it was demolished because of it's low vehicle and maritime clearance. The park on the north side of the bridge is an old race track which would soon become Exposition Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. Allegheny City was annexed into the city of Pittsburgh in 1908.

The North Side - 1890

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