Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle - 1961

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle in 1961. Many changes have occured. The new Fort Pitt Bridge has been built over the Monongahela River next to the Point Bridge. The Mon Wharf area has been paved over the the new overpasses are in place. The new Hilton Hotel and the Gateway Center Buildings have become dominant features in the new skyline, as well as numerous other new buildings. Renaissance I is nearly complete. The Fort Duquesne Bridge, connecting the Fort Pitt Bridge to the NorthSide is in the process of construction, and for many years will be refered to as "the bridge to nowhere" because it spanned the Allegheny River and stopped in mid-air. The old bridges at the Point, the Manchester and Point Bridges, will be demolished in 1970 to make room for Point State Parks showcase feature, the fountain at the Point.

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