Views of Schenley Park

Schenley Park - The Bridal Bridge in Panther Hollow

Schenley Park was established in 1889 under the supervision of City Planning director Edward Bigelow. Originally, 300 acres of parkland were donated to the city by Mary E. Schenley. Over the years the park was increased to 456 acres. It was Pittsburgh's first public park and today is one of the city's finest and most frequented public greenspaces. The scenic landscape contains many wonderful attractions, like the Phipps Conservatory and the Aviary. The park is located by the Carnegie Institute and Cathedral of Learning in Oakland.

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Vintage Postcard images of Schenley Park

The Carnegie Institute and Carnegie Technology School
(CMU) with Schenley Park in the background   Lillies on a pond outside Phipps Conservatory.
The Carnegie Institute and Technology School with Schenley Park in the background (left) and Phipps Conservatory pond.

The Fountain near the Main Entrance to the park.   A rustic bridge in Panther Hollow
The fountain at the main park entrance (left) and a rustic bridge in Panther Hollow.

The Bridal Bridge in Panther Hollow   The Serpentine Road
The Bridal Bridge in Panther Hollow (left) and the Serpentine Road.

Panther Hollow Bridge   One of Schenley Park's beautiful tree-lined walkways. The Cathedral
 of Learning at Pitt stands in the background
Panther Hollow Bridge (left) the one of Schenley Parks tree-lined walkways.

Panther Hollow Bridge   The Serpentine Road
Panther Hollow Bridge (left) and the Serpentine Road.

Schenley Park swimming pool   The Caroussel
The Schenley Park swimming pool (left) and the Caroussel.

Indian Springs in Schenley Park
Indian Springs in Schenley Park.

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