South Park Drive-In Theatre

South Park Drive-In Theatre - 1970

The South Park Drive-In was located at 5191 Library Road (Route 88) in Bethel Park, just before the entrance to South Park. Shown above circa 1970, it opened on August 27, 1940 and was the first drive-in theatre in Allegheny County. The open air venue could accommodate up to 400 cars. As the years went by, the South Park Drive-In became one of the most popular theatre of its kind with the residents of Brookline.

Originally the theatre did not have a specific name. It was named the South Park Drive-In in 1947. Since the movie screen faced the road, a curtain was built on the road shoulder along Route 88 to prevent passing pedestrians and cars from getting a free view of the movies. This curtain was later replaced with a green sheet metal fence.

South Park Drive-In Theatre Ad - 1940
Pittsburgh Press Ad - August 27, 1940

The South Park Drive-In remained open year round during the majority of it's four-plus decades. During this time it was a great place for a family outing, a casual date or a gathering of friends. There was a small play area in the front for kids to spend time waiting for dark, and the refreshment stand offered a variety of hot food, snacks, drinks and popcorn. Sound was piped in by speakers located in the parking spots and, in later years, it was transmitted over AM radio.

After forty-five years in operation, on September 4, 1985, the historic drive-in came to a very wild end. On the evening of the final presentations, it was estimated that approximately 2,000 people showed up either by car or on foot.

Admission Ticket to the South Park Drive-In

Before the final show began, the crowd began tearing out the speakers and parts of the screen for memorabilia. The riotous behavior lasted throughout the evening. Nothing could stop the mayhem. By the next morning, the drive-in looked like it had been hit head-on by a hurricane.

Today, the site where the South Park Drive-In once stood is now occupied by an Arby's restaurant, a Jiffy Lube and the South Park Commons office building complex. To the casual passers-by, there are no traces or indications that a drive-in theatre ever existed there. Only the fond memories of bygone evenings remain.

Location of South Park Drive-In - 2017
The former location of the South Park Drive-In along Library Road in 2017.

Below are movie listings for the South Park Drive-In from November 1957 through September 1985. During that time there were several movies that were shown several times over the years. The longest individual runs were "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/The Secret Life of an American Wife" (1970) and "The French Connection/The Seven Minutes" (1972), each pairing with five consecutive weeks in a row.

Those movies with four week runs were "Patton/One Million Years B.C" (1970), "Saturday Night Fever/First Love" and "Heaven Can Wait/The One and Only" (1978) and "Ghostbusters" (1984).

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* Photo provided by Scott Price - Edited Text and Movie Listing copied from Cinema Treasures *

Other Once Popular Closed Drive-In Theatres In The Area

Along with the South Park Drive-In, there were several others in the area that were popular with the residents of Brookline. Along Route 51 there were three drive-ins, known in the cinema circles as "the three musketeers," the Echo, the Colonial and the South Hills Drive-Ins.

The Echo Drive-In was located at 380 Wray Large Road in Jefferson Hills. It opened on July 2, 1955, accommodated 1000 cars, and closed in 1985. The Colonial Drive-In was located on Elliot Road in Pleasant Hills. It opened on May 26, 1950, accommodated 700 cars, and closed in 1987. The South Hills Drive-in was located at 1001 Clairton Boulevard (Route 51) in Pleasant Hills. It opened on May 29, 1959, accommodated 500 cars, and closed in 1988.

South Hills Drive-In Theatre    South Hills Drive-In Ad
The signpost and the Pittsburgh Press opening night advertisement for the South Hills Drive-In Theatre.

South Hills Drive-In Theatre    South Hills Drive-In Ad
The Pittsburgh Press opening night advertisement and the signpost for the Colonial Drive-In Theatre.

Other Drive-Ins relatively close to the city were the Fairgrounds Drive-In and the Lakevue-Mount Lebanon Twin Drive-Ins. The Fairgrounds was located in South Park, approximately one-half mile past the South Park Fairgrounds off of Brownsville Road. It opened on July 8, 1959 with a 1000 car capacity. Built at a cost of $500,000, the Fairgrounds quickly became one higher grossing drive-ins in Western Pennsylvania. It closed after the 1986 season.

The Lakevue Drive-in was located along Route 19 near Donaldson's Crossroads, 15 minutes south of Mount Lebanon. It opened on August 30, 1950 with a capacity of 350 cars. The name was changed to Mount Lebanon-Lakevue in 1952, and the following year "Lakevue" was dropped from the name, along with an expansion to accommodate 800 cars.

On June 5, 1958, the Mount Lebanon Drive-In opened a second screen across the street from the original theatre. Regular movies were then shown on Screen #1 and adult movies on Screen #2. The Mount Lebanon twin drive-ins both closed on August 2, 1987.

You Can Still Get That Vintage Drive-In Experience

For those still wishing to experience that open air feel and the vintage drive-in experience, the Dependable Drive-In, located at 549 Moon Clinton Road near the Pittsburgh International Airport, is still in operation. It is the only drive-in theatre left in Allegheny County.

The Dependable Drive-In opened in June 1950 as a single screen venue. Once exclusively an adult-only venue, the theatre now shows standard films. Being the only drive-in available to accommodate the multitude of outdoor theatre enthusiasts, a second screen was added in 1995, a third in 1997 and a fourth in 2003. Only a half hour drive from Brookline, the Dependable Drive-In lives up to its name as a dependable place for a fun family outing, a casual date, or a gathering of friends.

To see what is happening at the Dependable Drive-In,
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The Dependable Drive-In Theatre    The Dependable Drive-In

South Park Drive-In Movie Listings
(November 1957 to September 1984 - Courtesy of Ron Miller)


11/27/57 The Three Faces of Eve/The Devil’s Hairpin/Man in Space/My Man Godfrey/Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
12/04/57 Time Limit/3:10 to Yuma/Noah’s Ark/Raiders of Old California
12/11/57 White Slavery/Paris Vice Squad/Decision at Sundown/Escape from San Quentin
12/18/57 The Tin Star/Crime in the Streets/The Human Jungle/The Brain from Planet Arous/Teenage Monster
12/25/57 Jailhouse Rock/The Black Scorpion/April Love/Destination 60,000


01/01/58 Operation Mad Ball/The Black Patch/Bombers B-52/The James Dean Story
01/08/58 The Joker is Wild/Zero Hour/Pal Joey/Arrow in the Dust
01/15/58 The Deerslayer/Forty Guns/Portland Expose/Naked in the Sun
01/22/58 Doctor at Sea/Pushover/The Long Haul/Return to Warbow
01/29/58 Carnival Rock/Teenage Thunder/The Blonde Sinner/The Sad Sack
02/05/58 Baby Face Nelson/Kiss Them for Me/The Story of Esther Costello/Crash Landing
02/12/58 Stopover Tokyo/Pursuit of the Graf Spee/The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas/Ghost Diver
02/19/58 Legend of the Lost/The Dalton Girls/Valerie/Gun Fever
02/26/58 Going Steady/The Hard Man/From Hell it Came/The Disembodied
03/05/58 The Enemy Below/Slim Carter/Escapade in Japan/Day of the Badman
03/12/58 The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Man in the Shadow/The Bride is Much Too Beautiful/Jungle Heat
03/19/58 The Flesh is Weak/Blonde in Bondage/Invasion of the Body Snatchers/The Tarnished Angels/Quantez
03/26/58 Raintree County
04/02/58 1000 Years from Now/Invasion U.S.A./Motorcycle Gang/Sorority Girl
04/09/58 Peyton Place
04/16/58 Witness for the Prosecution/The Quiet Gun/Old Yeller/The Lonely Man
04/23/58 Old Yeller/The Lonely Man/Sayonara
04/30/58 Sayonara/The Brothers Karamazov/The Hired Gun
05/07/58 The Deep Six/Sing, Boy, Sing/Don’t Go Near the Water/Action of the Tiger
05/14/58 Jumping Jacks/Scared Stiff/Run Silent, Run Deep/Gunfight Ridge
05/21/58 The Gift of Love/The Lady Takes a Flyer/Lafayette Escadrille/Chase a Crooked Shadow
05/28/58 Merry Andrew/Fort Dobbs/Run Silent, Run Deep/The Far Country
06/04/58 Wild is in the Wind/Darby’s Rangers/Cry Terror/Underwater Warrior
06/11/58 The Three Faces of Eve/A Hatful of Rain/Teacher’s Pet/Wells Fargo
06/18/58 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Armored Attack/Battle Stripe/Thunder Road/Spring Reunion
06/25/58 Paris Holiday/Living It Up/The Seven Hills of Rome/The Sheepman
07/02/58 The Long Hot Summer/The Left-Handed Gun/And God Created Woman/Sharkfighters
07/09/58 And God Created Woman/Sharkfighters/Desire Under the Elms/Maracaibo
07/16/58 Fraulein/Paths of Glory/Vertigo/High Hell
07/23/58 The Proud Rebel/Too Much, Too Soon/God’s Little Acre/The Restless Breed
07/30/58 From Hell to Texas/Attila/Revolt of the Zombies/Oregon Passage/The Man from God’s Country
08/06/58 Another Time, Another Place/This Angry Age/High School Confidential/Tarzan’s Fight for Life
08/13/58 Ten North Frederick/Saddle the Wind/The Vikings/The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
08/20/58 From Here to Eternity/Cattle Empire/This Happy Feeling/Night Passage
08/27/58 No Time for Sergeants
09/03/58 The Bravados/The Naked Earth/King Creole/I Was a Teenage Frankenstein/Blood of Dracula
09/10/58 Rock-A-Bye Baby/Sierra Baron/Mighty Joe Young/A Farewell to Arms/Desk Set
09/17/58 The Key/Cowboy/King Kong/China Doll/Fort Massacre
09/24/58 A Time to Love and a Time to Die/The Fly/The Bridge on the River Kwai/The Parson and the Outlaw
10/01/58 Kings Go Forth/Gunman’s Walk/The Imitation General/King Solomon’s Mines
10/08/58 Peter Pan/The Golden Age of Comedy/Drumbeat/Buchanan Rides Alone/The Case Against Brooklyn
10/15/58 The Naked and the Dead/Badman’s Country/The Badlanders/Dunkirk
10/22/58 The Night Heaven Fell/The Camp on Blood Island/Wind Across the Everglades/Tank Force
10/29/58 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/The Law and Jake Wade
11/05/58 The Hunters/Andy Hardy Comes Home/Damn Yankees/The Fiend Who Walked the West
11/12/58 The Rape of Rome/Quantrill’s Raiders/How to Make a Monster/Teenage Caveman
11/19/58 La Parisienne/Tarawa Beachhead/Hot Rod Gang/High School Hellcats
11/26/58 The Big Country/Rooney/The Barbarian and the Geisha/Villa
12/03/58 Man of the West/Raw Wind in Eden/Onionhead/Forest Rangers
12/10/58 The Defiant Ones/The Gun Runners/Ecstasy/The Last Paradise
12/17/58 Ecstasy/The Last Paradise/It-the Terror from Beyond Space/Curse of the Faceless Man
12/24/58 Mardi Gras/The One That Got Away/The Blob/I Married a Monster from Outer Space
12/31/58 In Love and War/Missouri Traveler/Torpedo Run/Gigi


01/07/59 The Last Hurrah/From the Earth to the Moon/The Spiuder/The Brain Eaters
01/14/59 Houseboat/The Colossus of New York/Revolt in the Big House/Johnny Rocco
01/21/59 Party Girl/Never Love a Stranger/Hell Squad/Tank Battalion
01/28/59 The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad/Legion of the Damned/The Geisha Boy/Cole Younger, Gunfighter
02/04/59 Tunnel of Love/The Sheepman/The Buccaneer/Hot Angel
02/11/59 The Roots of Heaven/A Tale of Two Cities/Giant from the Unknown/She Demons
02/18/59 Good Day for a Hanging/City of Fear/I Want to Live/The Silver Chalice
02/25/59 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness/Harry Black and the Tiger
03/04/59 Submarine Seahawk/Paratroop Command/The Perfect Furlough/The Silent Enemy
03/11/59 Rally Round the Flag, Boys/Spacemaster X-7/Some Came Running/The Decks Ran Red
03/18/59 Some Came Running/The Decks Ran Red/Stalag 17/A Place in the Sun
03/25/59 Home Before CLOSED/The Mark of Zorro/Bell, Book, and Candle/The Seven Year Itch
04/01/59 The Trap/These Thousand Hills/The Defiant Ones/I Want to Live
04/08/59 The Journey/Bullwhip/Gigi/Badman’s Country
04/15/59 The Defiant Ones/I Want to Live/The Girl in the Bikini/Flesh and the Woman
04/22/59 Auntie Mame/The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
04/29/59 Rio Bravo/A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed
05/06/59 At War with the Army/The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker/Tempest/The Relentless Years
05/13/59 The Sound and the Fury/The Young Lions/Some Like it Hot/This Angry Age
05/20/59 Some Like it Hot/Black Fury/Up Periscope/A Certain Smile
05/27/59 Gidget/The Hanging Tree/The 3 Stooges-O-Rama/Night of the Blood Beast/She Gods of Shark Reef
06/03/59 The Mating Game/Torpedo Run
06/10/59 The Shaggy Dog/The 3 Stooges-O-Rama/The Shaggy Dog/Me and the Colonel
06/17/59 Al Capone/Indiscreet/Alias Jesse James/Paths of Glory
06/24/59 Imtation of Life/Tomahawk Trail
07/01/59 Pork Chop Hill/Smoke Signal/The Young Philadelphians/The Fiend Who Walked the West
07/08/59 Tonka/Harry Black and the Tiger/Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/The World, the Flesh, and the Devil
07/15/59 Don’t Give Up the Ship/Stranger in My Arms/It Happened to Jane/The Big Country
07/22/59 Thunder in the Sun/Green Mansions/Compulsion/Bell, Book, and Candle
07/29/59 Hercules/Enchanted Island
08/05/59 Hercules/Enchanted Island/The Horse Soldiers/Monkey Business
08/12/59 The Horse Soldiers/Monkey Business/Around the World in 80 Days/Legend of the Lost
08/19/59 Woman Obsessed/Warlock/This Earth is Mine/The Tender Trap
08/26/59 This Earth is Mine/The Tender Trap/The Mummy/Curse of the Undead
09/02/59 The Nun’s Story/The Deep Six
09/09/59 Yellowstone Kelly/Last Train from Gun Hill/Say One for Me/The Old Man and the Sea
09/16/59 North by Northwest/The House on Haunted Hill
09/23/59 North by Northwest/Saddle the Wind/The Gunfight at Dodge City/The Man in the Net
09/30/59 Blue Denim/Subwa in the Sky/John Paul Jones/Bus Stop
10/07/59 Surrender Hell/Battle Flame/The 4 Skulls of Jonathan Drake/Cast a Long Shadow
10/14/59 The Blue Angel/The Bat/The Ten Commandments
10/21/59 Tamango/Susan Slept Here
10/28/59 For the First Time/The Angry Hills/Written on the Wind/Battle Hymn
11/04/59 The Jayhawkers/The Hound of the Baskervilles
11/11/59 The Battle of the Coral Sea/The Crimson Kimono/It Started with a Kiss/Between Heaven and Hell
11/18/59 The Wonderful Country/Five Gates to Hell/The Beatniks/Bewildered Youth
11/25/59 They Came to Cordura/A Private’s Affair/Samson and Delilah/Ulysses
12/02/59 The FBI Story/But Not for Me/Dairy of a High School Bride/The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow
12/09/59 Sign of the Gladiator/-30- Unwed Mother/Joy Ride
12/16/59 Sins of Youth/The Shameless Sex/Rebel Girls
12/23/59 Pillow Talk/The Day of the Outlaw
12/30/59 Pillow Talk/Day of the Outlaw/The Naked Jungle


01/06/60 A Summer Place/Ten Tall Men
01/13/60 A Summer Place/Elephant Walk/The House of the Seven Hawks/Knights of the Round Table
01/20/60 Girls, Incorporated/The Lonely Sex/Track of the Cat
01/27/60 Heroes and Sinners/One Desire/The Female Jungle
02/03/60 Li'l Abner/Northwest Mounted Police/Submarine Command
02/10/60 Journey to the Center of the Earth/Demetrius and the Gladiator/River’s Edge
02/17/60 Journey to the Center of the Earth/Demetrius and the Gladiator/Cell 2455 Death Row/Never So Few/Jubal
02/24/60 Never So Few/Jubal/Fire Over Africa
03/02/60 Operation Petticoat/The Warriors
03/09/60 Goliath and the Barbarians/House of Bamboo/The Screaming Skull
03/16/60 On the Beach/Cowboy/La Parisienne
03/23/60 Suddenly, Last Summer/The Young Land/The Monster That Challenged the World
03/30/60 Solomon and Sheba/The Mouse That Roared/Terror by Night/The Miracle/The Pride and the Passion
04/06/60 The Warrior and the Slave Girl/Comanche Station/Street of Sinners
04/13/60 The Big Fisherman/The Rookie
04/20/60 The Purple Gang/King of the Wild Stallions/Blonde Summer
04/27/60 Toby Tyler/Legend of the Lost
05/04/60 The Diary of Anne Frank/Anatomy of a Murder/The Lovers/The Devil Strikes at Night
05/11/60 Because They’re Young/Masters of the Congo Jungle/The Glenn Miller Story/All That Heaven Allows
05/18/60 Who Was That Lady?/Cash McCall/Red Sundown/And God Created Woman/The Night Heaven Fell
05/25/60 Please Don’t Eat the Daisies/The Last Voyage/War Drums/The Unforgiven/Beloved Infidel
06/01/60 Please Don’t Eat the Daisies/A Night to Remember/War Drums/The Unforgiven/Beloved Infidel
06/08/60 The Unforgiven/Beloved Infidel/Home from the Hill/It Happened to Jane
06/15/60 Sink the Bismarck/Visit to a Small Planet/Who Was That Lady?/Room at the Top/The Best of Everything
06/22/60 Who Was That Lady?/Room at the Top/The Best of Everything/Sergeant Rutledge/Tall Story
06/29/60 The Gallant Hours/Five Branded Women/The Snow Queen/The Mountain Road/The Cossacks
07/06/60 The Last Days of Pompeii/The Boy and the Pirates/Battle in Outer Space/12 to the Moon
07/13/60 Hannibal/Wake Me When It’s Over/Crack in the Mirror/Nude in a White Car
07/20/60 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/The Gazebo/Some Like it Hot/Stalag 17
07/27/60 The Ten Commandments/The Wicked Go to Hell/The Female and the Flesh
08/03/60 Ice Palace/Guns of the Timberland/The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/The Gazebo
08/10/60 Pillow Talk/The Perfect Furlough/Portrait in Black/Twilight for the Gods
08/17/60 Portrait in Black/Twilight for the Gods/Sayonara/The Nun’s Story
08/24/60 Pollyanna/Wild River/The Rat Race/The Sign of Zorro
08/31/60 Hercules Unchained/The Bellboy
09/07/60 Strangers When We Meet/The Lost World
09/14/60 Elmer Gantry/Three Murderesses
09/21/60 It Started in Naples/Tarzan the Magnificent/The Apartment/The Fugitive Kind
09/28/60 Expresso Bongo/The Truth About Women/The Naked Maja/Streets of Sin/Life Begins/Foxfire
10/05/60 Psycho/Chief Crazy Horse
10/12/60 Oceans 11/The Hanging Tree
10/19/60 Career Girl/Unholy Wife/Kentucky Rifle
10/26/60 The Time Machine/Battle in Outer Space/Beneath the One Mile Reef/The Crowded Sky/Strangers on a Train/The Burning Hills
11/02/60 A Woman Like Satan/The Sins of the Borgias/The Fall of the House of Usher/Why Must I Die?
11/09/60 Private Property/The Mating Urge/Damn Yankees/The Pajama Game
11/16/60 The Fall of the House of Usher/High Time/Separate Tables/Tess of the Storm Country/For the Love of Mike
11/23/60 Girl of the Night/The Giant of Marathon/The Devil’s Disciple/The Sword and the Cross/Thunder in Carolina
11/30/60 The Magnificent Seven/All the Fine Young Cannibals
12/07/60 Journey to the Lost City/Jet Over the Atlantic/The Bramble Bush/A Summer Place
12/14/60 Women of Rome/Josette of New Orleans
12/21/60 Samson and Delilah/Ulysses/Hercules
12/28/60 Midnight Lace/Dial M for Murder/Heroes and Sinners


01/04/61 North to Alaska/The Secret of the Purple Reef
01/11/61 Midnight Lace/The Magnificent Seven/Strangers When We Meet/Suddenly, Last Summer
01/18/61 Cinderfella/The Hunters
01/25/61 The Facts of Life/Indian Fighter
02/01/61 The Grass is Greener/Tarnished Angels
02/08/61 The Grass is Greener/Tarnished Angels
02/15/61 Flaming Star/The CLOSED at the Top of the Stairs/Ten Seconds to Hell/Inherit the Wind/Sons and Lovers
02/22/61 Where the Boys Are/All the Fine Young Cannibals/The Sundowners/Sunrise at Campobello
03/01/61 The Marriage-Go-Round/Let No Man Write My Epitaph/Caltiki, the Immortal Monster/Tormented
03/08/61 The Revenge of Frankenstein/Horror of Dracula/The Mummy/Blood of the Vampire/Auntie Mame/No Time for Sergeants
03/15/61 Can-Can/The Plunderers
03/22/61 Come Dance With Me/The Bed/The Sword and the Dragon/Terror is a Man
03/29/61 Gold of the Seven Saints/White Warrior/Cry for Happy/Hondo
04/05/61 Village of the Damned/The Mysterians/Curse of Frankenstein/The Phantom of the Rue Morgue/Where the Boys Are/Tunnel of Love
04/12/61 The World of Suzie Wong/The Lonely Man
04/19/61 The World of Suzie Wong/The Lonely Man
04/26/61 The Savage Innocents/Beyond the Time Barrier/Butterfield 8/Suns and Lovers
05/03/61 The Apartment/Elmer Gantry
05/10/61 Never on Sunday/Midnight Lace
05/17/61 101 Dalmatians/North to Alaska/Black Fury
05/24/61 101 Dalmatians/North to Alaska/Black Fury/The Great Imposter/The Facts of Life
05/31/61 Dondi/The Hoodlum Priest/Huk/Sanctuary/The Magnificent Seven
06/07/61 The Mummy/Horror of Dracula/The Revenge of Frankenstein/Blood of Dracula/Giant/Man Against the Arctic
06/14/61 Pepe/Stormy
06/21/61 The Trapp Family/The Canadians/The World of Suzie Wong/The Misfits
06/28/61 The Young Savages/All in a Night’s Work/The Alamo/All Hands on Deck
07/05/61 The Alamo/All Hands on Deck/Return to Peyton Place/The Big Show
07/12/61 Ben-Hur
07/19/61 Ben-Hur
07/26/61 The Last Sunset/On the Double/Carnival Story/The Prime Time
08/02/61 By Love Possessed/One-Eyed Jacks
08/09/61 Fanny/The Sundowners
08/16/61 The Parent Trap/The Black Shield of Falworth
08/23/61 The Absent-Minded Professor/The Ladies Man
08/30/61 Nikki—Wild Dog of the North/Two Rode Together/Pork Chop Hill
09/06/61 The Parent Trap/The Horse Soldiers/Saturday Night and Sunday Morning/It Happened in Broad Daylight
09/13/61 The Guns of Navarone/Big Deal on Madonna Street
09/20/61 The Guns of Navarone/Big Deal on Madonna Street/Exodus/The Horse with the Flying Tail
09/27/61 Exodus/The Horse with the Flying Tail/Picnic/Queen of the Pirates
10/04/61 The Pleasure of His Company/Tammy Tell Me True/Scream of Fear/The Trunk
10/11/61 Two Women/Ask Any Girl/Man-Trap/Blood and Roses
10/18/61 A Thunder of Drums/The Naked Edge/The Young Doctors/Gidget Goes Hawaiian
10/25/61 Parrish/Claudelle Inglish/The Guns of Navarone/The Sins of Rachel Cade
11/01/61 Paris Blues/Return to Peyton Place/Never on Sunday/Room at the Top
11/08/61 Francis of Assisi/The Fiercest Heart/Law and Order/Anatomy of a Psycho/The Girl in Room 13
11/15/61 The Pit and the Pendulum/Michael Strogoff
11/22/61 Splendor in the Grass/White Christmas/Thunder Over the Plains
11/29/61 Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Armored Command
12/06/61 The Mask/The Bat/The Hand/Homicidal
12/13/61 The Devil at 4 O'Clock/Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/The Untamed West
12/20/61 Back Street/The Honeymoon Machine
12/27/61 Blue Hawaii/Gidget Goes Hawaiian/Love in a Goldfish Bowl/Bachelor in Paradise/Town Without Pity


01/03/62 Twist Around the Clock/Battle at Bloody Beach/Because They’re Young
01/10/62 Susan Slade/The Devil Made a Woman/The Law and Jake Wade
01/17/62 Mysterious Island/Everything’s Ducky
01/24/62 Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Back Street
01/31/62 Pocketful of Miracles/The Wonders of Aladdin
02/07/62 The Hustler/A Streetcar Named Desire/Ring of Fire/The Secret of Monte Cristo/The Gazebo
02/14/62 The Innocents/The Second Time Around/Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/Butterfield 8
02/21/62 The Errand Boy/Twenty Plus Two/Pay or Die
02/28/62 The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone/The Girl He Left Behind/One, Two, Tnree/Town Without Pity
03/07/62 One, Two, Three/Town Without Pity/The George Raft Story/Sail a Crooked Ship
03/14/62 The King and I/Carousel/The Nebraskan/Two Women/Susan Slade
03/21/62 The Creature Walks Among Us/The Mole People/The Werewolf/The Incredible Shrinking Man/Bachelor Flat/Tender is the Night
03/28/62 Journey to the 7th Planet/The Comancheros/The Cat Girl/Flower Drum Song/Portrait in Black
04/04/62 Summer and Smoke/Breakfast at Tiffany’s/War Drums/Sergeants 3/The Bridges at Toko-Ri
04/11/62 The Magic Sword/The Minotaur/The Man from God’s Country
04/18/62 Two Women/The Guns of Navarone
04/25/62 Knights of the Round Table/Ivanhoe/Day of Fury/The Outsider/Love Me or Leave Me
05/02/62 Pinocchio/The Pajama Game
05/09/62 Wild for Kicks/Frantic
05/16/62 Lover, Come Back/Johnny CLOSED/The Truth/The League of Gentlemen
05/23/62 Rome Adventure/Splendor in the Grass
05/30/62 Moon Pilot/Satan Never Sleeps/The Lady Takes a Flyer
06/06/62 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence/Pocketful of Miracles
06/13/62 Lover, Come Back/Experiment in Terror/Scream of Fear/Anastasia/The Young Lions
06/20/62 The Day the Earth Caught Fire/The Children’s Hour/A Cold Wind in August/Woman Bait
06/27/62 Follow That Dream/Walk on the Wild Side/Geronimo/One, Two, Three
07/04/62 Cape Fear/State Fair/Jack, the Giant Killer/Escape from Zahrain
07/11/62 Tales of Terror/Lost Battalion
07/18/62 The Delicate Delinquent/The Sad Sack/The Trap
07/25/62 El Cid/Thunder in the Sun
08/01/62 El Cid
08/08/62 Big Red/Merrill’s Marauders/Operation Petticoat/Pillow Talk
08/15/62 Boy’s Night Out/Sweet Bird of Youth
08/22/62 Bon Voyage/Flight of the Lost Balloon/Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation/Ride the High Country
08/29/62 The Music Man/Lad: A Dog
09/05/62 The Music Man/Lad: A Dog
09/12/62 Spartacus/Deep Adventure
09/19/62 The Miracle Worker/My Geisha/Bobbikins
09/26/62 Tarzan Goes to India/The Horizontal Lieutenant/The Gunslinger/Phantom of the Opera/Cape Fear/The House on Haunted Hill
10/03/62 Hatari/The Notorious Landlady
10/10/62 I Spit on Your Grave/Until They Sail/The Flesh and the Spur
10/17/62 The Spiral Road/The Road to Hong Kong/The Kentucky Rifle/Two Weeks in Another Town/Boys' Night Out
10/24/62 Pressure Point/Phantom of the Opera/Five Guns West/Confessions of an Opium Eater/Payroll
10/31/62 Sword of the Conqueror/Hero’s Island
11/07/62 The Pigeon That Took Rome/White Slave Ship
11/14/62 Rear Window/Roman Holiday/Outlaw’s Treasure/No Man is an Island/Midnight Lace
11/21/62 The Beast from the Haunted Cave/Night of the Blood Beast/The Headless Ghost/It Conquered the World
11/28/62 The War Lover/Panic in the Year Zero/Girl of the Night
12/05/62 Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?/Rome Adventure
12/12/62 Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?/Rome Adventure
12/19/62 Scarface Mob/The Interns/The Honeymoon Machine
12/26/62 Girls! Girls! Girls!/Marco Polo/If a Man Answers/The Naked Spur


01/02/63 Reptilicus/Phantom Planet/She Creatures
01/09/63 Period of Adjustment/Escape from East Berlin/The Sheepman/I Was a Teenage Frankenstein/I Was a Teenage Werewolf
01/16/63 Cleopatra’s Daughter/Son of Samson
01/23/63 The Sky Above-The Mud Below/No Place Like Homicide/Gunmen from Laredo
01/30/63 Circus of Horrors/Curse of Frankenstein/Blood of Dracula/The Devil’s Partner
02/06/63 In Search of the Castaways/The 300 Spartans/Outlaw Stallion
02/13/63 Gypsy/Requiem for a Heavyweight
02/20/63 Barabbas/13 West Street
02/27/63 Taras Bulba/A Child is Waiting
03/06/63 Boccaccio ‘70/Sword of the Conqueror/The Miracle Worker/Birdman of Alcatraz
03/13/63 A Girl Named Tamiko/Master of the World/Boccaccio '70/Pal Joey
03/20/63 40 Pounds of Trouble/Lonely are the Brave
03/27/63 Carry on Teacher/Doctor in Love/Taras Bulba/The Manchurian Candidate
04/03/63 Follow the Boys/Boys’ Night Out
04/10/63 The Raven/California
04/17/63 In Search of the Castaways/The Lion/The Miracle Worker/Roman Holiday
04/24/63 The Days of Wine and Roses/Love is a Ball
05/01/63 Son of Flubber/Barabbas
05/08/63 Diamond Head/If a Man Answers/The Courtship of Eddie’s Father/No Man is an Island
05/15/63 Reptilicus/Konga/Divorce, Italian Style/Operation Bikini
05/22/63 Free, White, and 21/The Raven/The Road to Hong Kong
05/29/63 The Birds/Sodom and Gomorrah
06/05/63 The Birds/Sodom and Gomorrah/To Kill a Mockingbird/Papa’s Delicate Condition
06/12/63 The Ugly American/Critic’s Choice/Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?/The Miracle Worker
06/19/63 The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
06/26/63 Captain Sindbad/Billy Rose’s Jumbo/The Nutty Professor/A Girl Named Tamiko
07/03/63 The Nutty Professor/A Girl Named Tamiko/Call Me Bwana/Two for the Seesaw
07/10/63 The List of Adrian Messenger/The Ugly American/Diary of a Madman/Hud/Dr. No
07/17/63 Savage Sam/State Fair/13 Frightened Girls/The Young and the Brave
07/24/63 The Longest Day
07/31/63 The Longest Day
08/07/63 Flipper/Cattle King/Donovan’s Reef/Dr. No
08/14/63 55 Days at Peking/Call Me Bwana/Bye Bye Birdie/The Notorious Landlady
08/21/63 "Spook-A-Thon"/The Playgirls and the Vampire/The Concrete Jungle
08/28/63 PT 109/Gidget Goes to Rome
09/04/63 Spencer’s Mountain/King Kong vs. Godzilla
09/11/63 The Great Escape/Samar
09/18/63 Summer Magic/The Slave/The Stripper/Gypsy
09/25/63 The Thrill of it All/A Gathering of Eagles
10/02/63 The 3 Stooges Go Round the World in a Daze/Jason and the Argonauts/Diamond Head/The Caretakers/The Children’s Hour
10/09/63 David and Lisa/In the Cool of the Day/The Great Escape/Bye Bye Birdie
10/16/63 The Condemned of Altona/House of the Damned/Toys in the Attic/The Mouse on the Moon
10/23/63 The Old CLOSED House/Maniac/The Blob/Johnny Cool/Stolen Hours
10/30/63 The Old CLOSED House/Maniac/The Blob/Johnny Cool/Stolen Hours
11/06/63 Women of the World/Divorce, Italian Style/Wives and Lovers/Come Blow Your Horn 11/13/63 Irma La Douce/Duel of the Titans
11/20/63 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/Of Love and Desire/The VIPs/The Haunting
11/27/63 Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory/Corridors of Blood/The Black Zoo/A New Kind of Love/Cash McCall
12/04/63 Mondo Cane/The Castilian
12/11/63 The Haunted Palace/Jacktown
12/18/63 The Leopard/Can-Can
12/25/63 Under the Yum Yum Tree/The Running Man


01/01/64 Who’s Minding the Store?/Rampage/Irma La Douce/The Great Escape
01/08/64 McLintock/Beach Party
01/15/64 Rice Girl/Fatal Desire/A Woman Like Satan/Strait-Jacket/Bye Bye Birdie
01/22/64 Take Her, She’s Mine/The Yellow Canary
01/29/64 The L-Shaped Room/Paranoiac
02/05/64 The Cardinal/The Man From Galveston
02/12/64 The Prize/The Gun Hawk
02/19/64 The Prize/The Gun Hawk/Peyton Place/Return to Peyton Place
02/26/64 Kings of the Sun/Mary, Mary/The Cardinal/Apache Ambush
03/04/64 Move Over, Darling/The Last Sunset
03/11/64 Move Over, Darling/The Last Sunset/Under the Yum Yum Tree/The L-Shaped Room
03/18/64 The Misadventures of Merlin Jones/Barabbas
03/25/64 Love with the Proper Stranger/A New Kind of Love
04/01/64 Mail Order Bride/Palm Springs Weekend/West Side Story/Bye Bye Birdie
04/08/64 The Brass Bottle/Experiment in Terror/Strait-Jacket/Dead Ringer
04/15/64 Man’s Favorite Sport/CLOSED Purpose/Love with the Proper Stranger/Under the Yum Yum Tree
04/22/64 Love with the Proper Stranger/Under the Yum Yum Tree/Kissin' Cousins/Four for Texas
04/29/64 The Vampire/The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus/Return of Dracula/The Creeping Unknown/West Side Story/Bye Bye Birdie
05/06/64 Hud/Who’s Minding the Store?/Seven Days in May/The Defiant Ones
05/13/64 PT 109/Spencer’s Mountain/Psychomania/Shock Treatment
05/20/64 Lilies of the Field/Hud
05/27/64 Lilies of the Field/Hud
06/03/64 A Distant Trumpet/Dead Ringer/Captain Newman, MD/Soldier in the Rain
06/10/64 The Long Ships/The Brass Bottle
06/17/64 Some Like it Hot/Irma La Douce/Lady in a Cage/The Comedy of Terrors
06/24/64 From Russia, With Love/Picnic
07/01/64 From Russia, With Love/Picnic/Oklahoma/South Pacific
07/08/64 Cleopatra
07/15/64 Cleopatra
07/22/64 The Pink Panther/The Seventh Dawn
07/29/64 What a Way to Go!/633 Squadron
08/05/64 Robin and the Seven Hoods/The World of Henry Orient
08/12/64 Rhino!/Muscle Beach Party/Splendor in the Grass/A Summer Place
08/19/64 Splendor in the Grass/A Summer Place/Good Neighbor Sam/Dr. Strangelove
08/26/64 The Unsinkable Molly Brown/Zulu
09/02/64 The Moon-Spinners/Take Her, She’s Mine
09/09/64 Godzilla vs. The Thing/Unearthly Stranger/Giant
09/16/64 Giant/Devil Doll/The Playgirl and the Vampire
09/23/64 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
09/30/64 The New Interns/Good Neighbor Sam
10/07/64 A Shot in the CLOSED/From Russia, With Love
10/14/64 The Night of the Iguana/Any Number Can Win/The Prize
10/21/64 Tom Jones/The Chapman Report
10/28/64 I’d Rather Be Rich/The Lively Set
11/04/64 Where Love Has Gone/633 Squadron/Black Sabbath/The Evil Eye
11/11/64 Quo Vadis/MGM’s Big Parade of Comedy/Duel of the Champions/Invasion 1700
11/18/64 The Pink Panther/A Shot in the CLOSED
11/25/64 Send Me No Flowers/The Killers
12/02/64 Of Human Bondage/The Secret Invasion
12/09/64 Roustabout/Behold a Pale Horse
12/16/64 Affair on the Beach/The Notorious Landlady
12/23/64 Peyton Place/Return to Peyton Place
12/30/64 The Disorderly Orderly/Invitation to a Gunfighter


01/06/65 Topkapi/Where Love Has Gone
01/13/65 Goodbye, Charlie/Fate is the Hunter
01/20/65 Bebo’s Girl/The Battle of the Sexes
01/27/65 Get Yourself a College Girl/Bikini Beach/Ride the Wild Surf/The Hustler/The Stripper
02/03/65 The Americanization of Emily/Joy House/The Sheepman
02/10/65 Your Cheatin' Heart/Baby, the Rain Must Fall
02/17/65 The Night Walker/Midnight Lace/Quick, Before It Melts/Of Human Bondage
02/24/65 Kiss Me, Stupid/Topkapi
03/03/65 The Rounders/The Fall of the Roman Empire/Sex and the Single Girl/Youngblood Hawke
03/10/65 The Swedish Mistress/Just Once More
03/17/65 None But the Brave/Two on a Guillotine
03/24/65 Psycho/Jack the Ripper
03/31/65 36 Hours/Goodbye, Charlie/Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow/Divorce, Italian Style
04/07/65 Code 7, Victim 5/These are the Damned/How to Murder Your Wife/Rio Conchos
04/14/65 How to Murder Your Wife/Rio Conchos/Becket/Dr. Strangelove
04/21/65 Goldfinger/For Those Who Think Young
04/28/65 Hush, Hush...Sweet Charlotte/Sylvia/Slave Trade in the World Today/The Riff Raff Girls
05/05/65 The Horrible Dr. Hichcock/The Awful Dr. Orlof/Why Bother to Knock?/The Crooked Road
05/12/65 Irma La Douce/A Shot in the CLOSED/Malamondo/The Humanoids
05/19/65 Harlow (Electronovision)/Maid for Murder/The Truth About Spring/Strange Bedfellows
05/26/65 Cheyenne Autumn/Move Over, Darling/Peyton Place/Return to Peyton Place
06/02/65 Girl Happy/None But the Brave/Major Dundee/Station Six-Sahara
06/09/65 Fluffy/Father Goose/The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders/Love with the Proper Stranger
06/16/65 The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders/Love with the Proper Stranger/The Days of Wine and Roses/A Summer Place
06/23/65 The Hustler/From the Terrace/Mirage/Marnie
06/30/65 Cinderella/Circus World
07/07/65 Dr. No/From Russia, With Love
07/14/65 Dr. No/From Russia, With Love
07/21/65 Dr. No/From Russia, With Love/I Saw What You Did/Die! Die! My Darling!
07/28/65 Tickle Me/The Family Jewels/The Train/Up From the Beach
08/04/65 She/Genghis Khan/The Third Day/Sex and the Single Girl
08/11/65 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World/The World of Henry Orient
08/18/65 Cat Ballou/I’ll Take Sweden
08/25/65 The Monkey’s Uncle/Dear Brigitte/How to Stuff a Wild Bikini/Atragon
09/01/65 Shenandoah/The Family Jewels
09/08/65 What’s New, Pussycat?/The Sons of Katie Elder
09/15/65 The Sandpiper/The Americanization of Emily
09/22/65 Morituri/Hush, Hush...Sweet Charlotte
09/29/65 Never on Sunday/Topkapi
10/06/65 Living it Up/Pardners/Operation Crossbow/Joy in the Morning
10/13/65 Zorba the Greek/Mail Order Bride/How to Murder Your Wife/The Train
10/20/65 The Fat Black Pussycat/Shotgun Wedding
10/27/65 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World/I’ll Take Sweden/That Funny Feeling/Morituri
11/03/65 The Skull/Face of Fu Manchu/Casanova ‘70/Lord Jim
11/10/65 Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors/Curse of Frankenstein/Horror of Dracula/Marriage on the Rocks/Cat Ballou
11/17/65 The Hill/Walk on the Wild Side/Gold for the Caesars/A Rage to Live/Kiss Me, Stupid
11/24/65 The Nanny/The Pleasure Seekers
12/01/65 Mutiny in Outer Space/The Human Duplicators
12/08/65 Harum Scarum/She
12/15/65 My Blood Runs Cold/Two on a Guillotine/The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die
12/22/65 The Collector/The Hustler
12/29/65 The Ipcress File/Marriage on the Rocks


01/05/66 Boeing Boeing/Sands of the Kalahari/Code 7, Victim 5
01/12/66 When the Boys Meet the Girls/Bunny Lake is Missing
01/19/66 The Cincinnati Kid/Ship of Fools/Von Ryan’s Express/John Goldfarb, Please Come Home
01/26/66 Tom Jones/Irma La Douce
02/02/66 Seven Women/Return From the Ashes
02/09/66 Do Not Disturb/Wild on the Beach
02/16/66 The Heroes of Telemark/King Rat/Von Ryan’s Express/The Nanny
02/23/66 Where the Spies Are/Red Line 7000
03/02/66Tom Jones/Irma La Douce/The Big TNT Show/Sergeant Deadhead
03/09/66 Darling/Cat Ballou/Moment to Moment/Agent for HARM
03/16/66 The Spy Who Came in From the Cold/The Slender Thread
03/23/66 The Spy with My Face/To Trap a Spy/Ship of Fools/Cat Ballou
03/30/66 Inside Daisy Clover/Breakfast at Tiffany’s/It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
04/06/66 Our Man Flint/The Art of Love
04/13/66 The Naked Prey/Kid Rodelo/The Skull/Hold On/The Cincinnati Kid
04/20/66 Cat Ballou/Ship of Fools
04/27/66 Cat Ballou/Ship of Fools
05/04/66 The Silencers/Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
05/11/66 Thunderball/Judith
05/18/66 The Trouble with Angels/The Chase
05/25/66 Harper/Inside Daisy Clover
06/01/66 The Singing Nun/Do Not Disturb/The Last of the Secret Agents/Psycho
06/08/66 The Ugly Dachshund/Winnie the Pooh/Bye Bye Birdie/The Second Best Agent in the World/Village of the Giants
06/15/66 A Patch of Blue/Made in Paris
06/22/66 Duel at Diablo/Promise Her Anything/The Group/Mister Moses
06/29/66 The Pink Panther/A Shot in the CLOSED/Paradise, Hawaiian Style/The Last of the Secret Agents
07/06/66 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines/Take Her, She’s Mine
07/13/66 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines/Take Her, She’s Mine
07/20/66 The Pawnbroker/The Chase
07/27/66 And Now, Miguel/The Ghost and Mr. Chicken/Arabesque/Father Goose/Cast a Giant Shadow/Masquerade
08/03/66 Modesty Blaise/Lost Command
08/10/66 Beau Geste/The Rare Breed/Nevada Smith/The Psychopath
08/17/66 The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming/A Thousand Clowns
08/24/66 The Glass-Bottom Boat/The Singing Nun
08/31/66 Born Free/The Silencers/What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
09/07/66 Life at the Top/The Oscar/Come Blow Your Horn/All the Way
09/14/66 Macabro/The Beach Girl and the Monster
09/21/66 A Man Called Flintstone/Walk, Don’t Run/Battle of the Bulge/The Millionairess
09/28/66 Circle of Love/The Love Goddesses/Our Man Flint/Von Ryan’s Express
10/05/66 Torn Curtain/Blindfold
10/12/66 The Greatest Story Ever Told/Maya/How to Steal a Million/The Long Hot Summer
10/19/66 Khartoum/Ambush Bay/Seconds/Nevada Smith
10/26/66 Mister Buddwing/One Spy Too Many/The She-Beast/The Embalmer
11/02/66 Goldfinger/Dr. No
11/09/66 Spinout/Lady L/La Dolce Vita/Why Bother to Knock?
11/16/66 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof/Butterflied 8/Atom Age Vampire/Battle of the Worlds
11/23/66 Return of the Seven/Boy, Didi I Get a Wrong Number!
11/30/66 Gigi/Master of Horror/Master of Terror
12/07/66 Kaleidoscope/Chamber of Horrors
12/14/66 Dr. Who and the Daleks/McGuire, Go Home/Curse of the Fly
12/21/66 The Fortune Cookie/Assault on a Queen
12/28/66 The Fortune Cookie/Assault on a Queen/The Liquidator/This Property is Condemned


01/04/67 Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round/Ride Beyond Vengeance/Marnie/The Birds
01/11/67 The Professionals/An American Dream
01/18/67 Not With My Wife, You Don’t/What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?/Gambit/The Appaloosa
01/25/67 Penelope/Spinout
02/01/67 Thunderball/Return of the Seven/Arrivederci, Baby/The Psychopath
02/08/67 Any Wednesday/Never on Sunday/Texas Across the River/The Ipcress File
02/15/67 Queen of Blood/Blood Bath/Thunderball/Return of the Seven
02/22/67 The Busy Body/Red Tomahawk/First to Fight/Not With My Wife, You Don’t
03/01/67 A Fistful of Dollars/Cast a Giant Shadow
03/08/67 Tobruk/Alvarez Kelly
03/15/67 The Brides of Fu Manchu/Diabolique/The Quiller Memorandum/The Spy with a Cold Nose
03/22/67 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum/Never on Sunday
03/29/67 Deadlier Than the Male/Texas Across the River
04/05/67 The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming/The Fortune Cookie/Murderers Row/This Property is Condemned
04/12/67 The Fall of the House of Usher/The Raven/The Pit & the Pendulum/Premature Burial
04/19/67 Hotel/Harper
04/26/67 Georgy Girl/Kiss the Girls and Make Tham Die
05/03/67 In Like Flint/Stagecoach
05/10/67 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying/The Fighting Prince of Donegal
05/17/67 Georgy Girl/The Professionals
05/24/67 One Million Years B.C./The Quiller Memorandum
05/31/67 Hombre/How to Steal a Million
06/07/67 For a Few Dollas More/Help!
06/14/67 Casino Royale/Born Free
06/21/67 Casino Royale/Born Free
06/28/67 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Alvarez Kelly
07/05/67 Spartacus/Deadlier than the Male
07/12/67 El Dorado/Arrivederci, Baby
07/19/67 Caprice/Fantastic Voyage/8 on the Lam/The Great Escape
07/26/67 Doctor Zhivago
08/02/67 Wild, Wild Planet/The Big Mouth/Banning/A Countess from Hong Kong
08/09/67 Alfie/Georgy Girl
08/16/67 Up the Down Staircase/Triple Cross
08/23/67 Divorce, American Style/Marriage on the Rocks
08/30/67 The Dirty Dozen/Don’t Make Waves
09/06/67 The Dirty Dozen/Don’t Make Waves/Fathom/Hush, Hush…Sweet Charlotte
09/13/67 The Love-Ins/The Happening/Divorce, American Style/The Professionals
09/20/67 You Only Live Twice/The Way West
09/27/67 Our Man Flint/In Like Flint
10/04/67 A Guide for the Married Man/The Million Eyes of Su-Muru
10/11/67 The Bobo/Hurry Sundown/Two for the Road/El Dorado
10/18/67 Young Americans/Bad Day at Black Rock
10/25/67 Emily/Joy in the Morning/The Flim-Flam Man/Caprice
11/01/67 The Family Way/Johnny Yuma
11/08/67 Bonnie and Clyde/The Naked Runner
11/15/67 Point Blank/The Last Challenge
11/22/67 Barefoot in the Park/Hour of the Gun
11/29/67 Barefoot in the Park/Hour of the Gun
12/06/67 In the Heat of the Night/The Deadly Affair
12/13/67 More Than a Miracle/The Long Duel
12/20/67 House of 1000 Dolls/Psycho Circus/Rosie/The War Wagon
12/27/67 Rosie/The War Wagon/Bonnie and Clyde/Waterhole #3


01/03/68 Cool Hand Luke/You’re a Big Boy Now
01/10/68 To Sir, With Love/Operation Kid Brother
01/17/68 Tony Rome/Fathom
01/24/68 Games/Fahrenheit 451/Reflections in a Golden Eye/Kaleidoscope
01/31/68 Spree/Kiss Me, Stupid
02/07/68 The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz/Irma La Douce
02/14/68 The Ambushers/Luv
02/21/68 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly/Paris Blues
02/28/68 To Sir, With Love/The Professionals/Firecreek/Baby Face Nelson
03/06/68 Firecreek/Baby Face Nelson/Fitzwilly/High, Wild, and Free
03/13/68 Fitzwilly/High, Wild and Free/C/mon Let’s Live a Little
03/20/68 Sol Madrid/The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
03/27/68 The Taming of the Shrew/Enter Laughing
04/03/68 Cool Hand Luke/The Last Safari/Bonnie and Clyde/The Pawnbroker
04/10/68 Bonnie and Clyde/The Pawnbroker
04/17/68 The Bible/Discover America
04/24/68 In the Heat of the Night/The President’s Analyst
05/01/68 In the Heat of the Night/The President’s Analyst
05/08/68 Wait Until CLOSED/The Psychopath/The Party/The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
05/15/68 The Party/The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly/Battle Beneath the Earth/Day of the Evil Gun
05/22/68 Blackbeard’s Ghost/Fireball 500/Sweet November/Nobody’s Perfect
05/29/68 The Sand Pebbles/One Million Years B.C.
06/05/68 The Secret War of Harry Frigg/Sgt. Ryker
06/12/68 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner/How to Save a Marriage & Ruin Your Life
06/19/68 Planet of the Apes/Two for the Road
06/26/68 Planet of the Apes/Two for the Road
07/03/68 Yours, Mine, and Ours/Firecreek
07/10/68 Yours, Mine, and Ours/Firecreek
07/17/68 Yours, Mine, and Ours/Firecreek
07/24/68 Curse of Frankenstein/Horror of Dracula/Hercules in the Haunted World/King Kong Escapes/Did You Hear About the Traveling Saleslady?
07/31/68 The Fox/The Family Way
08/07/68 Yours, Mine, and Ours/The Scalphunters
08/14/68 The Thomas Crown Affair/Sweet November
08/21/68 With Six You Get Eggroll/Zorba the Greek
08/28/68 Five Card Stud/Barefoot in the Park
09/04/68 Prudence and the Pill/Tony Rome/The Carpetbaggers/Nevada Smith
09/11/68 The Carpetbaggers/Nevada Smith/Valley of the Dolls/A Guide for the Married Man
09/18/68 The Graduate/The Tiger and the Pussycat
09/25/68 The Secret Life of an American Wife/Bedazzled/Salt and Pepper/The Devil’s Brigade
10/02/68 Interlude/A Dandy in Aspic
10/09/68 Rosemary’s Baby/P.J.
10/16/68 The Night of the Living Dead/Dr. Who and the Daleks
10/23/68 Barbarella/Five Card Stud
10/30/68 For Love of Ivy/A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die
11/06/68 West Side Story/Woman Times Seven
11/13/68 Paper Lion/The Ugly Ones
11/20/68 Rachel, Rachel/Reflections in a Golden Eye
11/27/68 The Odd Couple/The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom
12/04/68 In Cold Blood/Torture Garden
12/11/68 Adam and Eve/Spree
12/18/68 Hot Millions/Speedway
12/25/68 The Impossible Years/The Big Gundown


01/01/69 The Impossible Years/The Big Gundown
01/08/69 The Boston Strangler/Bandolero
01/15/69 The Night They Raided Minsky’s/A Twist of Sand
01/22/69 Play Dirty/Paper Lion
01/29/69 The Producers/Anzio/Coogan’s Bluff/A Lovely Way to Die
02/05/69 The Lady in Cement/The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
02/12/69 Secret Ceremony/The Hell With Heroes
02/19/69 The Fixer/Where Were You When the Lights Were Out?
02/26/69 Skidoo/The Daring Game
03/05/69 Bonnie and Clyde/Up the Down Staircase
03/12/69 Rachel, Rachel/The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
03/19/69 Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell/The Devil’s Brigade
03/26/69 Bullitt/The Last Safari
04/02/69 Bullitt/The Last Safari
04/09/69 Alaskan Safari/Firecreek
04/16/69 Rachel, Rachel/The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
04/23/69 Support Your Local Sheriff/Play Dirty
04/30/69 I Love You, Alice B. Toklas/Prudence and the Pill
05/07/69 A Fistful of Dollars/For a Few Dollars More
05/14/69 Bullitt/Harper
05/21/69 Bullitt/Harper
05/28/69 Swiss Family Robinson/The Lost Continent/The Wrecking Crew/Pendulum
06/04/69 3 in the Attic/Wild in the Streets
06/11/69 3 in the Attic/Wild in the Streets
06/18/69 Camelot/The Brotherhood
06/25/69 The Green Slime/The Night of the Living Dead
07/02/69 Charly/Mayerling
07/09/69 How to Commit Marriage/Shalako
07/16/69 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/The Party
07/23/69 Romeo and Juliet/Barefoot in the Park
07/30/69 The Loves of Isadora/Barbarella/Bonnie and Clyde/Cool Hand Luke
08/06/69 Slaves/Coogan’s Bluff
08/13/69 True Grit/The Odd Couple
08/20/69 True Grit/The Odd Couple
08/27/69 The Love Bug/Never a Dull Moment
09/03/69 Goodbye, Columbus/Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
09/10/69 99 Women/That Cold Day in the Park
09/17/69 Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting/Hard Contract
09/24/69 The April Fools/If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
10/01/69 3 into 2 Won’t Go/Winning/The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie/The Chairman
10/08/69 Me, Natalie/Rachel, Rachel
10/15/69 The Bank Dick/Never Give a Sucker an Even Break/I, A Woman/Carmen, Baby
10/22/69 I, A Woman/Carmen, Baby/Marlowe/The Cincinnati Kid
10/29/69 4 B. Karloff/AIP Films/Chastity/God Forgives, I Don’t
11/05/69 The Shoes of the Fisherman/The Maltese Bippy/The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly/Hang ‘Em High
11/12/69 The Good Guys and the Bad Guys/They Came to Rob Las Vegas/The Comic/Castle Keep
11/19/69 Battle of Britain/Number One
11/26/69 Change of Habit/Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
12/03/69 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/100 Rifles
12/10/69 Hell’s Angels '69/Devil’s Angels/Angels from Hell
12/17/69 Curse of Frankenstein/Horror of Dracula/The Terror
12/24/69 Alice’s Restaurant/Where It’s At
12/31/69 Alice’s Restaurant/Where It’s At


01/07/70 Flareup/Marlowe
01/14/70 The Sterile Cuckoo/The Swinger
01/21/70 The Sterile Cuckoo/The Swinger
01/28/70 The Reivers/A Fine Pair
02/04/70 Topaz/3 into 2 Won’t Go
02/11/70 Topaz/3 into 2 Won’t Go
02/18/70 Destroy All Monsters/The Oblong Box/Spirits of the Dead
02/25/70 Midnight Cowboy/Death Rides a Horse
03/04/70 Midnight Cowboy/Death Rides a Horse
03/11/70 The Reivers/Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting
03/18/70 Take the Money and Run/How to Commit Marriage
03/25/70 Oliver!/Run Wild, Run Free
04/01/70 Easy Rider/The Wrecking Crew
04/08/70 Funny Girl/Pendulum
04/15/70 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/The Secret Life of an American Wife
04/22/70 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/The Secret Life of an American Wife
04/29/70 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/The Secret Life of an American Wife
05/06/70 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/The Secret Life of an American Wife
05/13/70 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid/The Secret Life of an American Wife
05/20/70 True Grit/The Sterile Cuckoo
05/27/70 They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?/Gaily, Gaily
06/03/70 Midnight Cowboy/Alice’s Restaurant
06/10/70 Captain Nemo and the Underwater City/5-Man Army
06/17/70 Barquero/The Night They Raided Minsky’s/On Her Majesty’s Secret Service/Casino Royale
06/24/70 Ned Kelly/The Secret of Santa Vittoria/The Ballad of Cable Hogue/The Wild Bunch
07/01/70 Cactus Flower/Mackenna’s Gold
07/08/70 A Man Called Horse/Me, Natalie
07/15/70 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice/A Walk in the Spring Rain
07/22/70 Patton/One Million Years B.C.
07/29/70 Patton/One Million Years B.C.
08/05/70 Patton/One Million Years B.C.
08/12/70 Patton/One Million Years B.C./Candy/The Killing of Sister George
08/19/70 The Strawberry Statement/Brotherly Love
08/26/70 A Bullet for Pretty Boy?/Bloody Mama
09/02/70 Gone With the Wind
09/09/70 Angel Unchained/The Losers
09/16/70 Hang 'Em High/Fistful of Dollars/For a Few Dollars More/The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
09/23/70 M.A.S.H/The Only Game in Town
09/30/70 Sabata/The Hawaiians/Tell Me You Love Me, Junie Moon/The Adventurers
10/07/70 Bonnie and Clyde/Bullitt/Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice/Goodbye, Columbus
10/14/70 House of CLOSED Shadows/Zigzag
10/21/70 Getting Straight/Sabata/Cotton Comes to Harlem/Hornet’s Nest
10/28/70 Beyond the Valley of the Dolls/The Sicilian Clan
11/04/70 Angels Die Hard/Naked Angels
11/11/70 Monte Walsh/A Man Called Horse
11/18/70 The Out-of-Towners/The Adventurers
11/25/70 Beast of Blood/Curse of the Vampire/Scream and Scream Again
12/02/70 a.k.a. Cassius Clay/The Revolutionary/Easy Rider/RPM
12/09/70 Something for Everyone/CLOSEDer than Amber
12/16/70 Trog/Taste the Blood of Dracula
12/23/70 Little Fauss and Big Halsey/Downhill Racer
12/30/70 Little Fauss and Big Halsey/Downhill Racer


01/06/71 Easy Rider/RPM
01/13/71 Easy Rider/RPM
01/20/71 Fanny Hill/Inga
01/27/71 C. C. and Company/A Nice Girl Like Me
02/03/71 Diary of a Mad Housewife/Two Mules for Sister Sara
02/10/71 Rio Lobo/Latitude Zero
02/17/71 You Only Live Twice/Thunderball
02/24/71 I Love My Wife/Topaz
03/03/71 The Vampire Lovers/Count Yorga, Vampire
03/10/71 Lovers and Other Strangers/Goodbye Gemini
03/17/71 Catch-22/Little Fauss and Big Halsey
03/24/71 Fools/WUSA/Ali-Frazier Fight Films
03/31/71 Cromwell/Pieces of Dreams/Lovers and Other Strangers/Move
04/07/71 Cold Turkey/The McKenzie Break
04/14/71 The Priest’s Wife/Flap/Joe/The Wild Rebels
04/21/71 There’s a Girl in My Soup/RPM
04/28/71 My Fair Lady/The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
05/05/71 Wuthering Heights/The Out-of-Towners
05/12/71 Valdez is Coming/The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
05/19/71 - 09/01/71 NEWSPAPER STRIKE (no listings available)
09/08/71 Summer of ‘42/Hotel
09/15/71 Shaft/Pretty Maids All in a Row
09/22/71 The Anderson Tapes/Mackenna’s Gold
09/29/71 The Love Machine/Doctors’ Wives
10/06/71 Someone Behind the Door/Von Richthofen and Brown/Tora! Tora! Tora!/M.A.S.H
10/13/71 Outback/Lawman/Patton/Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
10/20/71 The Horsemen/10 Rillington Place/C. C. and Company/Soldier Blue
10/27/71 Jennifer on My Mind/Midnight Cowboy/Lovers and Other Strangers/Joe
11/03/71 Gone With the Wind
11/10/71 2001: A Space Odyssey/Mrs. Pollifax-Spy
11/17/71 Doctor Zhivago/Monte Walsh
11/24/71 Going Home/The Wild Rovers
12/01/71 The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker/Vanishing Point
12/08/71 Born to Win/Doc
12/15/71 The Grissom Gang/The Honeymoon Killers
12/22/71 T. R. Baskin/Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
12/29/71 Man in the Wilderness/The Good Guys and the Bad Guys


01/05/72 Klute/The Wild Bunch
01/12/72 The Last Movie/The Hired Hand/Desperate Characters/Friends
01/19/72 Play Misty for Me/Taking Off
01/26/72 Sometimes a Great/Notion/Red Sky at Morning
02/02/72 Star-Spangled Girl/The Molly Maguires/A Gunfight/Where’s Poppa?/Bananas
02/09/72 My Old Man’s Place/Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die
02/16/72 Joy in the Morning/Chandler
02/23/72 Straw Dogs/Shalako
03/01/72 Straw Dogs/Shalako
03/08/72 $/Welcome to the Club
03/15/72 Summer of ‘42/McCabe and Mrs. Miller
03/22/72 Pocket Money/Le Mans
03/29/72 Diamonds are Forever/The Organization
04/05/72 X Y and Zee/The Anderson Tapes
04/12/72 Klute/The Gypsy Moths
04/19/72 Straw Dogs/They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
04/26/72 The Hospital/Doc
05/03/72 Summer of '42/Klute
05/10/72 Mary, Queen of Scots/The Andromeda Strain
05/17/72 The French Connection/The Seven Minutes
05/24/72 The French Connection/The Seven Minutes
05/31/72 The French Connection/The Seven Minutes
06/07/72 The French Connection/The Seven Minutes
06/14/72 The French Connection/The Seven Minutes
06/21/72 Skyjacked/The Carey Treatment
06/28/72 Bedknobs and Broomsticks/The Wild Country/A Gunfight
07/05/72 The Graduate/T. R. Baskin
07/12/72 Play it Again, Sam/The Molly Maguires
07/19/72 The Magnificent Seven Ride/The Hawaiians/Patton/M.A.S.H
07/26/72 Ben/Krakatoa, East of Java/Straw Dogs/Candy/The Killing of Sister George
08/02/72 Duck, You Sucker/Sunday, Bloody Sunday
08/09/72 Napolean and Samantha/Sleeping Beauty/Rio Lobo
08/16/72 The Hitchhikers/Swamp Girl/Straw Dogs/Candy/The Killing of Sister George
08/23/72 Frenzy/Play Misty for Me
08/30/72 Frenzy/Play Misty for Me/Hannie Caulder/The Possession of Joel Delaney
09/06/72 Joe Kidd/Sometimes a Great Notion
09/13/72 Airport/The Andromeda Strain
09/20/72 What’s Up, Doc?/Man in the Wilderness
09/27/72 Rivals/The Sporting Club/Red Sun/Prime Cut
10/04/72 Bonnie’s Kids/The Young Graduates
10/11/72 The Godfather/The Cheyenne Social Club
10/18/72 Bluebeard/Candy
10/25/72 The Last House on the Left/Mark of the Devil/Blood Mania
11/01/72 The New Centurions/The Burglars
11/08/72 Unholy Rollers/The Loners/Wild Wheels/Frenzy/Play Misty for Me/Diary of a Mad Housewife
11/15/72 Butterflies are Free/Buck and the Preacher
11/22/72 Baron Blood/Wild in the Sky/Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde/Where Does It Hurt?/Fuzz
11/29/72 Four Flies on Gray Velvet/Rosemary’s Baby/Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
12/06/72 The Mechanic/Duck, You Sucker
12/13/72 When the Legends Die/The Hot Rock
12/20/72 You’ll Like My Mother/Joe Kidd
12/27/72 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex/Hickey and Boggs


01/03/73 Elvis on Tour/The Wrath of God/Night of the Lepus
01/10/73 Slaughterhouse-Five/Joe
01/17/73 Rage/The Omega Man/Bonnie’s Kids/The Hitchhiker
01/24/73 Across 110th Street/Fuzz
01/31/73 Jory/Macho Callahan/Stiletto/The Mechanic/Duck, You Sucker
02/07/73 Innocent Bystanders/Hannie Caulder/Play it Again, Sam
02/14/73 Lady Sings the Blues/The Sterile Cuckoo/The Detective
02/21/73 The Train Robbers/Lawman/Bonnie and Clyde/Bullitt
02/28/73 Jeremiah Johnson/Hard Contract
03/07/73 Jeremiah Johnson/Hard Contract
03/14/73 A Clockwork Orange/The Hunting Party
03/21/73 Save the Tiger/Last of the Red Hot Lovers/Women in Cages
03/28/73 Dirty Harry/Klute
04/04/73 Up the Sandbox/The Revengers
04/11/73 The Thief Who Came to Dinner/Every Little Crook and Nanny/Pulp/Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex/A Fistful of Dollars
04/18/73 Charlotte’s Web/A Separate Peace/Support Your Local Gunfighter
04/25/73 Deliverance/McCabe and Mrs. Miller
05/02/73 Deliverance/McCabe and Mrs. Miller
05/09/73 The Heartbreak Kid/The Hot Rock
05/16/73 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean/The War Between Men and Women
05/23/73 The Poseidon Adventure/The Culpepper Cattle Company/Last of the Red Hot Lovers
05/30/73 The Poseidon Adventure/The Culpepper Cattle Company
06/06/73 Sleuth/The Other
06/13/73 The Getaway/Red Sun
06/20/73 A Warm December/Cat O' Nine Tails
06/27/73 Scorpio/The Mechanic
07/04/73 Battle for the Planet of the Apes/Vampire Circus/Elvis: That’s the Way It Is
07/11/73 40 Carats/Shamus
07/18/73 The Legend of Hell House/The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie/Dr. Phibes Rises Again
07/25/73 Cahill: U. S. Marshall/The Thief Who Came to Dinner
08/01/73 The Chinese Connection/The Todd Killings/More Dead than Alive/Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex/A Fistful of Dollars/What Do You Say to Naked Lady?
08/08/73 Mary Poppins/The Light at the Edge of the World
08/15/73 Mary Poppins/The Light at the Edge of the World/One Little Indian/Lady and the Tramp/Something Big
08/22/73 Mary Poppins/The Light at the Edge of the World/One Little Indian/Lady and the Tramp
08/29/73 Scarecrow/Rage/Class of ‘74
09/05/73 This is a Hijack/Evel Knievel/Girls on the Road/The Harrad Experiment/Where Does it Hurt?
09/12/73 White Lightning/Scorpio
09/19/73 The Mackintosh Man/A Name for Evil
09/26/73 Romeo and Juliet/Hannie Caulder
10/03/73 Lady Ice/Pete, Pearl, and the Pole/High Plains Drifter/The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
10/10/73 Terror in the Wax Museum/And Now the Screaming Starts/Asylum
10/17/73 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing/Slither/Dillinger/Sisters
10/24/73 Don’t Look in the Basement/Slaughter Hotel/Last House on the Left
10/31/73 Don’t Look in the Basement/Slaughter Hotel/Last House on the Left/Campus Swingers/The Young Seducers/The Swingin’ Models
11/07/73 Jeremy/Scorpio/Theatre of Blood/Don’t Look in the Basement/Twitch of the Death Nerve/Last House on the Left
11/14/73 Maurie/Fists of Fury
11/21/73 Shanghai Killers/Karado/The Hong Kong Cat
11/28/73 The Last American Hero/Kid Blue/When the Legends Die
12/05/73 Silent Night, Bloody Night/I, Monster/The Beast in the Cellar
12/12/73 Massacre in Rome/Lady Ice
12/19/73 The Sacred Knives of Vengeance/The Train Robbers
12/26/73 M.A.S.H/The Salzberg Connection


01/02/74 Doctor Death/Terror in the Wax Museum/Tales from the Crypt
01/09/74 Night Watch/What the Peeper Saw
01/16/74 The Family/Mafia Girls
01/23/74 Night of the Bloody Apes/Feast of Flesh/Master of Terror
01/30/74 The Long Goodbye/Midnight Cowboy
02/06/74 The Laughing Policeman/The Panic in Needle Park
02/13/74 Executive Action/Pancho Villa
02/20/74 The Seven-Ups/Vanishing Point
02/27/74 The Seven-Ups/Vanishing Point
03/06/74 Mark of the Devil II/Don’t Look in the Basement
03/13/74 Witchcraft ‘70/The Crimson Cult/Simon, King of the Witches
03/20/74 Don’t Look Now/Save the Tiger/What the Peeper Saw
03/27/74 The Paper Chase/Emperor of the North
04/03/74 Hercules/Hercules Unchained
04/10/74 – 05/08/74 NEWSPAPER STRIKE (no listings available)
05/15/74 Walking Tall/The Family
05/22/74 Serpico/Ash Wednesday
05/29/74 On Any Sunday/Run, Stranger, Run (Happy Mother’s Day, Love George)/Demo Derby
06/05/74 Policewoman/Superchick
06/12/74 The Teacher/The Stepmother/The Young Graduates
06/19/74 Digby-The Biggest Dog in the World/Harry in Your Pocket
06/26/74 Papillon/Jeremy
07/03/74 Papillon/Jeremy
07/10/74 Old Yeller/The Incredible Journey/Cold Turkey
07/17/74 Italian Graffiti/Embassy
07/24/74 Herbie Rides Again/Dumbo/Cold Turkey
07/31/74 Herbie Rides Again/Dumbo
08/07/74 Son of Dracula/Daughters of Satan/Superbeast
08/14/74 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot/White Lightning/The Mechanic
08/21/74 For Pete’s Sake/The Owl and the Pussycat
08/28/74 Born Losers/Hell’s Angels on Wheels/Winning/Herbie Rides Again/Dumbo
09/04/74 Buster and Billie/Five Easy Pieces
09/11/74 Our Time/Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears/Magnum Force/The Last of Shiela
09/18/74 The Parallax View/Catch-22
09/25/74 The Internecene Project/The Stone Killer/A Clockwork Orange/Portnoy’s Complaint
10/02/74 Harrad Summer/How to Seduce a Woman/Where Does It Hurt?
10/09/74 The Tamarind Seed/Showdown
10/16/74 Summer of '42/Class of '44
10/23/74 Death Wish/The Parallax View
10/30/74 Death Wish/The Parallax View
11/06/74 Rider on the Rain/Newman’s Law
11/13/74 Serpico/Lady Sings the Blues
11/20/74 Gone With the Wind
11/27/74 The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3/Westworld/Mr. Majestyk
12/04/74 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot/Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex
12/11/74 The French Connection/The Seven-Ups
12/18/74 The Teacher/Policewoman
12/25/74 The Longest Yard/Busting


01/01/75 The Longest Yard/Busting
01/08/75 The Longest Yard/Busting
01/15/75 Soldier Blue/Red Sun
01/22/75 Soldier Blue/Red Sun
01/29/75 Jeremiah Johnson/McQ
02/05/75 The Man with the Golden Gun/Sleeper
02/12/75 The Man with the Golden Gun/Sleeper
02/19/75 The Man with the Golden Gun/Sleeper
02/26/75 The Odessa File/Buster and Billie
03/05/75 The Night Porter/The Nightcomers
03/12/75 Ten Little Indians/The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
03/19/75 Ten Little Indians/The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
03/26/75 Swiss Family Robinson/Charley and the Angels
04/02/75 Brannigan/Mr. Ricco
04/09/75 Harry and Tonto/Claudine
04/16/75 Chinatown/The Gambler
04/23/75 Murder on the Orient Express/The Conversation
04/30/75 Murder on the Orient Express/The Conversation
05/07/75 Murder on the Orient Express/The Conversation
05/14/75 A Touch of Class/Carnal Knowledge
05/21/75 The Great Waldo Pepper/You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man/King Kong Escapes
05/28/75 The Great Waldo Pepper/You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man/King Kong Escapes
06/04/75 A Touch of Class/Carnal Knowledge
06/11/75 Benji/The Neptune Factor
06/18/75 Escape to Witch Mountain/That Darn Cat
06/25/75 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud/Where Does It Hurt?
07/02/75 – 07/16/75 NEWSPAPER STRIKE (no listings available)
07/23/75 Young Frankenstein/The Stepford Wives
07/30/75 Bambi/Superdad
08/06/75 The Apple Dumpling Gang/Swiss Family Robinson
08/13/75 The Apple Dumpling Gang/Swiss Family Robinson
08/20/75 Man-Eater/Tidal Wave
08/27/75 The French Connection II/Death Race 2000/Take the Money and Run
09/03/75 The Drowning Pool/McQ
09/10/75 Funny Lady/Brannigan
09/17/75 The Other Side of the Mountain/Mr. Majestyk
09/24/75 The Other Side of the Mountain/Mr. Majestyk
10/01/75 Rollerball/Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
10/08/75 Farewell, My Lovely/The Taking
10/15/75 The Return of the Pink Panther/Westworld
10/22/75 American Graffiti/Two-Lane Blacktop/Play Misty for Me
10/29/75 The French Connection II/Report to the Commissioner/Breakout
11/05/75 Sisters/The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
11/12/75 The Way We Were/Where’s Poppa?/Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
11/19/75 Freebie and the Bean/Scarecrow
11/26/75 Earthquake/The Front Page
12/03/75 Chinatown/The Longest Yard
12/10/75 Undercovers Hero/Lenny/92 in the Shade
12/17/75 The Towering Inferno/The Legend of Hell House
12/24/75 Three Days of the Condor/The Longest Yard
12/31/75 Three Days of the Condor/The Longest Yard


01/07/76 Blazing Saddles/Where Does It Hurt?
01/14/76 From Beyond the Grave/Tales from the Crypt
01/21/76 Mahogany/Bug
01/28/76 Nashville/Posse
02/04/76 The Return of the Pink Panther/Love and Death
02/11/76 Shampoo/The Last Detail/Easy Rider
02/18/76 Murder on the Orient Express/Play it Again, Sam
02/25/76 The Killer Elite/Smile
03/03/76 Hustle/The Parallax View
03/10/76 Lucky Lady/The French Connection II
03/17/76 The Exorcist/Black Christmas
03/24/76 Jaws/Airport 1975
03/31/76 Jaws/Airport 1975
04/07/76 Blackbeard’s Ghost/The Island at the Top of the World
04/14/76 The Man Who Would Be King/Conduct Unbecoming
04/21/76 I Will, I Will...for Now/The Paper Chase/Carnal Knowledge
04/28/76 Next Stop, Greenwich Village/Breakout
05/05/76 Freebie and the Bean/Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
05/12/76 Freebie and the Bean/Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
05/19/76 White Line Fever/Hard Times
05/26/76 Robin and Marian/Bite the Bullet
06/02/76 Goodbye, Norma Jean/Ms. Don Juan/The Graduate
06/09/76 Love and Death/Breakheart Pass
06/16/76 Love and Death/Breakheart Pass
06/23/76 One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest/Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
06/30/76 The Missouri Breaks/Smile/Sleeper
07/07/76 Gus/Blackbeard’s Ghost
07/14/76 Gus/Bambi
07/21/76 Buffalo Bill and the Indians/Vigilante Force
07/28/76 Hawmps/A Fistful of Dollars/Benji’s Life Story
08/04/76 The Treasure of Matecumbe/The Apple Dumpling Gang
08/11/76 Lifeguard/Hustle
08/18/76 Survive/Lipstick
08/25/76 The Return of the Pink Panther/Rollerball
09/01/76 The Return of the Pink Panther/Rollerball/W. W. and the Dixie Dancekings
09/08/76 The Outlaw Josey Wales/Magnum Force
09/15/76 The Gumball Rally/The Killer Elite
09/22/76 Eat My Dust/A Small Town in Texas
09/29/76 Sky Riders/Fighting Mad
10/06/76 Drum/The Return of the Pink Panther
10/13/76 Street People/Killer Force
10/20/76 The Omen/The Premonition
10/27/76 The Omen/The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
11/03/76 Logan’s Run/Rollerball
11/10/76 Champion of Death/Deadly China Doll
11/17/76 TheBad News Bears/The Longest Yard
11/24/76 Murder by Death/Shampoo
12/01/76 - 12/15/76 CLOSED
12/22/76 Let’s Do It Again/Sleeper
12/29/76 Carrie/Burnt Offerings


01/05/77 Chino/Call of the Wild
01/12/77 Revenge of the Cheerleaders/Young Couples
01/19/77 - 02/16/77 CLOSED
02/23/77 The Enforcer/Special Delivery
03/02/77 The Enforcer/Special Delivery
03/09/77 Carrie/Burnt Offerings
03/16/77 Marathon Man/Lifeguard
03/23/77 Network/Norman, Is That You?
03/30/77 Network/Norman, Is That You?
04/06/77 Silver Streak/Mother, Jugs, and Speed
04/13/77 Car Wash/Two Minute Warning
04/20/77 The Town That Dreaded Sundown/A Small Town in Texas/The Devil Within Her
04/27/77 The Cassandra Crossing/The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
05/04/77 It’s Alive/They Came from Within
05/11/77 It’s Alive/They Came from Within
05/18/77 Murder by Death/Obsession
05/25/77 Fun with Dick and Jane/Nickelodeon/Gator
06/01/77 Fun with Dick and Jane/Nickelodeon
06/08/77 Freaky Friday/Gus
06/15/77 Islands in the Stream/Murder on the Orient Express
06/22/77 Rocky/From Noon Till Three
06/29/77 The Gumball Rally/Freebie and the Bean
07/06/77 For the Love of Benji/Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World
07/13/77 Young Frankenstein/Capone
07/20/77 Cross of Iron/The Domino Principle
07/27/77 The Van/The Pom Pom Girls
08/03/77 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo/Never a Dull Moment
08/10/77 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo/Never a Dull Moment
08/17/77 Orca/Lifeguard
08/24/77 Breaking Training/The Shootist
08/31/77 Breaking Training/The Shootist/Won Ton Ton-The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
09/07/77 A Bridge Too Far/Demon Seed
09/14/77 The House by the Lake/The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane/Psychic Killer
09/21/77 The Exorcist II: The Heretic/The Devil’s Garden/The Devil’s Nightmare
09/28/77 The Outlaw Josey Wales/Magnum Force/Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
10/05/77 The Last 4 Days/The Cassandra Crossing/Russian Roulette
10/12/77 Black Sunday/Marathon Man/Lipstick
10/19/77 Barbarella/Three Days of the Condor/Once is Not Enough
10/26/77 Carrie/Audrey Rose
11/02/77 Rolling Thunder/Sunday in the Country
11/09/77 A Piece of the Action/The Farmer
11/16/77 Gator/Annie Hall
11/23/77 Damnation Alley/At Long Last Love/Whiffs
11/30/77 Journey Into the Beyond/Demon Seed
12/07/77 Mr. Billion/The Last Hard Men
12/14/77 March or Die/Taxi Driver
12/21/77 CLOSED
12/28/77 Bobby Deerfield/The Eagle Has Landed


01/04/78 The Day of the Animals/Grizzly
01/11/78 - 03/15/78 CLOSED
03/22/78 The Gauntlet/Diamonds are Forever/Dr. No
03/29/78 Oh, God!/End of the Game
04/05/78 Gray Lady Down/Rollercoaster
04/12/78 Straight Time/The Domino Principle
04/19/78 Saturday Night Fever/First Love
04/26/78 Saturday Night Fever/First Love
05/03/78 Saturday Night Fever/First Love
05/10/78 Saturday Night Fever/First Love
05/17/78 Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Murder by Death
05/24/78 Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Murder by Death
05/31/78 House Calls/Airport ‘77
06/07/78 If Ever I See You Again/The Eagle Has Landed
06/14/78 American Graffiti/Rollercoaster
06/21/78 High Riders/Bad Georgia Road
06/28/78 The Bad News Bears Go to Japan/Orca
07/05/78 The Bad News Bears Go to Japan/Orca
07/12/78 F.I.S.T./Taxi Driver
07/19/78 Star Wars/The Stranger and the Gunfighter
07/26/78 Star Wars/The Stranger and the Gunfighter
08/02/78 Star Wars/The Stranger and the Gunfighter
08/09/78 Silent Movie/Mr. Billion
08/16/78 The Cheap Detective/Fun with Dick and Jane
08/23/78 Heaven Can Wait/The One and Only
08/30/78 Heaven Can Wait/The One and Only
09/06/78 Heaven Can Wait/The One and Only
09/13/78 Heaven Can Wait/The One and Only
09/20/78 Eyes of Laura Mars/Obsession
09/27/78 Semi-Tough/Convoy
10/04/78 Grease/American Hot Wax
10/11/78 Grease/American Hot Wax
10/18/78 Revenge of the Pink Panther/The Amsterdam Kill
10/25/78 The Goodbye Girl/Oh, God!
11/01/78 Pirahna/Eaten Alive
11/08/78 Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride/The Chosen
11/15/78 Heroes/American Graffiti
11/22/78 Heroes/American Graffiti
11/29/78 Up in Smoke/The Longest Yard
12/06/78 Up in Smoke/The Longest Yard
12/13/78 - 12/27/78 CLOSED


01/03/79 - 03/07/79 CLOSED
03/14/79 Force 10 from Navarone/Jennifer
03/21/79 Magic/The Driver
03/28/79 Saturday Night Fever/Fraternity Row
04/04/79 The Warriors/Goin’ South
04/11/79 Heaven Can Wait/Comes a Horseman
04/18/79 Coming Home/The Brass Target
04/25/79 California Suite/The Deep
05/02/79 The Last Embrace/The Passage
05/09/79 Silver Streak/The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother
05/16/79 National Lampoon’s Animal House/Slap Shot
05/23/79 Blazing Saddles/Oh, God!
05/30/79 Blazing Saddles/Oh, God!
06/06/79 Fast Break/Thank God, It’s Friday
06/13/79 Love at First Bite/The Manitou
06/20/79 C.H.O.M.P.S./Here Come the Tigers
06/27/79 Dirt/The Coach
07/04/79 101 Dalmatians/The Love Bug
07/11/79 Jaws/Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
07/18/79 The In-Laws/Freebie and the Bean
07/25/79 The In-Laws/Freebie and the Bean
08/01/79 Alien/The Omen
08/08/79 Americathom/Invasion of the Body Snatchers
08/15/79 The Main Event/The Big Fix
08/22/79 Star Wars/Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
08/29/79 The Villain/The China Syndrome
09/05/79 Rocky II/Revenge of the Pink Panther
09/12/79 Rocky II/Revenge of the Pink Panther
09/19/79 The Exorcist/The Hills Have Eyes
09/26/79 The Amityville Horror/Don’t Open the Window
10/03/79 Up in Smoke/Meatballs
10/10/79 Escape from Alcatraz/The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
10/17/79 Avalanche Express/The Fury
10/24/79 The Seduction of Joe Tynan/Foul Play
10/31/79 When a Stranger Calls/Nightwing
11/07/79 Time After Time/The Boys from Brazil
11/14/79 The Groove Tube/The First Nudie Musical
11/21/79 National Lampoon’s Animal House/The Prisoner of Zenda
11/28/79 - 12/26/79 CLOSED


01/02/80 - 03/05/80 CLOSED
03/12/80 Starting Over/Escape from Alcatraz
03/19/80 Starting Over/Escape from Alcatraz
03/26/80 Cruising/Cuba
04/02/80 The Jerk/More American Graffiti
04/09/80 Hero at Large/The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
04/16/80 Foxes/Hair
04/23/80 Kramer vs. Kramer/California Suite
04/30/80 Kramer vs. Kramer/California Suite
05/07/80 Friday the 13th/Prophecy
05/14/80 Friday the 13th/Prophecy
05/21/80 Meatballs/Up in Smoke
05/28/80 Night Games/In Praise of Older Women
06/04/80 Squeeze Play/Teasers
06/11/80 Roadie/Roller Boogie
06/18/80 The Changeling/Killer Fish
06/25/80 The Silent Scream/The CLOSED
07/02/80 Mary Poppins/The North Avenue Irregulars
07/09/80 Used Cars/Hot Stuff
07/16/80 Used Cars/Hot Stuff/The Electric Horseman
07/23/80 How to Beat the High Cost of Living/Love at First Bite/Nothing Personal
07/30/80 The Shining/It’s Alive
08/06/80 The Mountain Men/Fast Break/The Villain
08/13/80 Herbie Goes Bananas/Bedknobs and Broomsticks
08/20/80 The Children/Blue Sunshine/The Brood
08/27/80 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie/National Lampoon’s Animal House/The Gong Show Movie
09/03/80 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie/National Lampoon’s Animal House/The Gong Show Movie
09/10/80 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie/National Lampoon’s Animal House/The Gong Show Movie
09/17/80 The Boogey Man/Roadie/Theatre of Blood
09/24/80 Battle Beyond the Stars/Pirahna
10/01/80 The Warriors/Little Darlings
10/08/80 Smokey and the Bandit II/More American Graffiti
10/15/80 Terror Train/Magic
10/22/80 Coast to Coast/Starting Over
10/29/80 Oh God, Book II/The Big Red One
11/05/80 Motel Hell/Cruising
11/12/80 The Awakening/Midnight Express
11/19/80 - 12/31/80 CLOSED


01/07/81 - 03/18/81 CLOSED
03/25/81 Thief/The Final Countdown
04/01/81 The Fun House/The Island
04/08/81 Any Which Way You Can/Every Which Way But Loose
04/15/81 Sphinx/The Awakening
04/22/81 Back Roads/The Idolmaker
04/29/81 9 to 5/Brubaker
05/06/81 It Came Without Warning/The Incredible Melting Man
05/13/81 Hardly Working/The Long Riders
05/20/81 Alligator/The Day After Halloween/Motel Hell
05/27/81 Cheaper to Keep Her/The Silent Scream/Street Girls
06/03/81 Smokey Bites the Dust/Cannonball
06/10/81 Take This Job and Shove It/Hog Wild
06/17/81 Swiss Family Robinson/Herbie Rides Again
06/24/81 Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams/Used Cars
07/01/81 The Jazz Singer/Coal Miner’s Daughter
07/08/81 The Fox and the Hound/The Last Fight of Noah’s Ark
07/15/81 Escape from New York/Fear No Evil/Prom Night
07/22/81 Stripes/The Hollywood Knights/Happy Birthday to Me
07/29/81 The Cannonball Run/Breaking Away/Fatso
08/05/81 Zorro, the Gay Blade/Death Hunt
08/12/81 The Great Muppet Caper/The Legend of the Lone Ranger
08/19/81 An Eye for an Eye/The Howling
08/26/81 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia/Honeysuckle Rose
09/02/81 For Your Eyes Only/Caveman/Roller Boogie
09/09/81 Under the Rainbow/Caddyshack
09/16/81 The Last Chase/Burnout
09/23/81 Return of the Dragon/Game of Death
09/30/81 Friday the 13th/Friday the 13th, Part 2
10/07/81 Arthur/10
10/14/81 The Boogens/Deadly Blessing
10/21/81 Mommie Dearest/Night School
10/28/81 Paternity/Student Bodies
11/04/81 - 12/30/81 CLOSED


01/06/82 - 03/31/82 CLOSED
04/07/82 Raiders of the Lost Ark/Airplane
04/14/82 Silent Rage/Happy Birthday to Me
04/21/82 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie/Up in Smoke
04/28/82 Taps/Cannonball Run
05/05/82 Coal Miner’s Daughter
05/12/82 Cat People/An American Werewolf in London
05/19/82 Quest for Fire
05/26/82 Visiting Hours/Taps/The Cannonball Run
06/02/82 Visiting Hours/Taps/The Cannonball Run
06/09/82 Hanky Panky/Absence of Malice
06/16/82 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid/The Blues Brothers
06/23/82 Blade Runner/Sharkey’s MachineM
06/30/82 Blade Runner/Sharkey’s Machine/Caveman
07/07/82 The Secret of NIMH/Clash of the Titans
07/14/82 The Thing/Fun House/Halloween II
07/21/82 Raiders of the Lost Ark/Partners
07/28/82 Funeral Home/They Came from Within/The Incredible Melting Man
08/04/82 Tron/Vice Squad
08/11/82 Poltergeist/Invasion of the Body Snatchers
08/18/82 The Beastmaster/Clash of the Titans
08/25/82 Young Doctors in Love/Visiting Hours
09/01/82 Six Pack/Young Doctors in Love/Megaforce
09/08/82 The House Where Evil Dwells/Forced Vengeance
09/15/82 Slumber Party Massacre/The Brood
09/22/82 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas/A Little Sex
09/29/82 Rocky III/Raging Bull
10/06/82 Firefox/Blade Runner
10/13/82 Superman II/Outland
10/20/82 - 12/29/82 CLOSED


01/05/83 - 03/30/83 CLOSED
04/06/83 Frightmare/A Stranger is Watching
04/13/83 48 Hours/Some Kind of Hero
04/20/83 Mother Lode/Nighthawks
04/27/83 Fast Times at Ridgemont High/National Lampoon’s Animal House/Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie
05/04/83 Still Smokin'/Airplane 2: The Sequel/Up in Smoke
05/11/83 Still Smokin'/Airplane 2: The Sequel/Up in Smoke
05/18/83 48 Hours/An Officer and a Gentleman
05/25/83 Tootsie/Spring Break/Things are Tough All Over
06/01/83 Hell’s Angels Forever/Conan the Barbarian
06/08/83 Mausoleum/The Concrete Jungle
06/15/83 Spacehunter/The Toy
06/22/83 Blue Thunder/Wrong is Right
06/29/83 Psycho II/Cat People/An American Werewolf in London
07/06/83 Octopussy/Jinxed
07/13/83 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Windwalker
07/20/83 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Tron
07/27/83 Porky’s II: The Next Day/National Lampoon’s Class Reunion
08/03/83 Get Crazy/Losin' It
08/10/83 Trading Places/48 Hours
08/17/83 Trading Places/An Officer and a Gentleman
08/24/83 Trading Places/An Officer and a Gentleman
08/31/83 National Lampoon’s Vacation/The Outsiders
09/07/83 Flashdance/Raiders of the Lost Ark
09/14/83 Terminal Island/Return of the Alien
09/21/83 Cujo/Twilight Zone-The Movie
09/28/83 - 12/28/83 CLOSED


01/04/84 - 04/04/84 CLOSED
04/11/84 Angel/The Sorceress
04/18/84 Uncommon Valor/The Dead Zone
04/25/84 Mr. Mom/Two of a Kind
05/02/84 Against All Odds/The Big Chill
05/09/84 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan/Never Say Never Again
05/16/84 Breakin'/Hercules
05/23/84 Police Academy/Lassiter
05/30/84 Romancing the Stone/To Be or Not to Be
06/06/84 Police Academy/Sudden Impact
06/13/84 Pete’s Dragon/Tron
06/20/84 Romancing the Stone/Mr. Mom
06/27/84 Cannonball Run II/Deal of the Century
07/04/84 Cannonball Run II/Deal of the Century
07/11/84 Bachelor Party/Porky’s 2: The Next Day
07/18/84 The Muppets Take Manhattan/Fire and Ice
07/25/84 The Jungle Book/Ice Pirates
08/01/84 The Jungle Book/Ice Pirates
08/08/84 Ghostbusters/Stripes
08/15/84 Ghostbusters/Stripes
08/22/84 Ghostbusters/Stripes
08/29/84 Ghostbusters/Tootsie
09/05/84 The Pit/Children of the Corn
09/12/84 Tightrope/Police Academy
09/19/84 Escape from Women’s Prison/City of the Walking Dead
09/26/84 Gremlins/Sudden Impact
10/03/84 - 12/26/84 CLOSED


01/02/85 - 04/03/85 CLOSED
04/10/85 Vision Quest/City Heat
04/17/85 Teachers/Red Dawn
04/24/85 The Last Dragon/Runaway
05/01/85 Return of the Jedi/The Flamingo Kid
05/08/85 Porky’s Revenge/Revenge of the Nerds
05/15/85 Witness/Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
05/22/85 Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment/Police Academy
05/29/85 Just One of the Guys/The Karate Kid
06/05/85 Beverly Hills Cop/48 Hours
06/12/85 Mask/All of Me
06/19/85 Brewster’s Millions/Stick
06/26/85 Brewster’s Millions/Stick
07/03/85 Red Sonja/The Terminator
07/10/85 Pale Rider/Tightrope
07/17/85 Rambo: First Blood, Part II/Runaway
07/24/85 Rambo: First Blood, Part II/Runaway
07/31/85 Rambo: First Blood, Part II/The Evil That Men Do
08/07/85 Fright Night/Cave Girl
08/14/85 Return of the Living Dead/The Terminator
08/21/85 Return of the Living Dead/The Terminator
08/28/85 Up in Smoke/The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat/Gimme Shelter/The 3 Stooges
09/04/85 Up in Smoke/The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat/Gimme Shelter/The 3 Stooges

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