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We thank everyone who has supported the development and upkeep of this website. Without your help this community service would never have become what it is today. We also thank those of you who have sent encouraging words. Since December 2007, we've had a guestbook for comments. Prior to that we received many emails with thoughts and reminiscences. Below are some of the notes that we received those first of couple years. As the developer, I'm thrilled to have created something that has brought some measure of pleasure to so many people from so many different places.

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"I ran across your webpage, "The Family of Philip and Eva Fisher", when I was doing a search with my grandmother's name. I was overjoyed to find this picture, which has my grandmother as bridesmaid (Bertha Colteryahn) and also the women in the second row, second from the left that apparently you weren't able to identify, appears to be my great-grandmother, Barbara Colteryahn (Bertha's mother). They had a farm on what is now know as old Virginia Manor in Mount Lebanon. What a pleasure to see this picture! Thank you. "
- J.F. - Upper St. Clair - June 19, 2006.

The picture is from 1898 and and was part of the collection of Marie Fisher Daugherty, daughter of the groom in the photo. The picture was provided by her good friend Edna Engel, whose mother is also in the photo.

"I grew up in Brookline, and my parents still live there on La Marido St. I went to Resurrection, Our Lady of Loreto, and graduated in 1971 from South Hills High School. I moved away in 1972. I live in New Orleans now but visit Brookline every few years. I love the memories you have put together."
- Donna Herzer - New Orleans, LA - June 17, 2006.

I live in Winter Park, which is just outside Orlando, Florida. I just wanted to send a few lines too say that I've enjoyed your Brookline site for several years now and have to commend you for making it such a fun and informative place. It has to be a real labor of love. I grew up on Dunster Street from 1952 thrugh 1970. My two sisters, my brother and myself all went to West Liberty School and South Hills High School. Anytime I get homesick I just flop on over to your site and soak up the memories. We lived at 727 Dunster and our Aunt lived at 705 Dunster. My Aunt has since passed but her granddaughter bought the property and still lives there to this day, enabling us to keep our connection with Brookline. One of my sisters who now lives in Tucson, Az teases me about buying a home in Brookline. I think it doesn't get any better when it comes to living and raising a family. It has changed some over the years but Brookline Boulevard has managed to keep it's charm. We go back every year or two for family get togethers and always spend time in Brookline.
- J.K. - Winter Park, Florida - June 1, 2006.

"I am a voice student at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, but I am originally from Pittsburgh. My father and his family grew up on Bayridge Avenue in Brookline, and I have fond memories of that place. I also have spent a lot of time recently in Brookline because you have a WORLD FAMOUS opera coach who has lived there for years. Maestro Lorenzo Malfatti has coached people all over the world in the greatest opera houses. He might be one of you more notable community members. He is also a wonderful person. He has become like another grandfather to me, and I see and sing with him every time I get the chance. He also still works at Carnegie Mellon and the Pittsburgh opera."
- Michael Pegher - former Brookline resident - April 5, 2006.

Thank you Michael for the information on the Maestro. Click Here for more on Maestro Lorenzo Malfatti.

"I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful historical website, probably the best I've seen. I'm glad I came across it. Thanks and keep up the great work."
- S.H. - Cochranton, PA - March 8, 2006.

"I had great fun looking at the photos of my husband from 35 years ago and my sons more recently. It is a great site."
- Brookline resident - January 6, 2006.

"I stumbled upon this site, and started looking at the pictures. What a trip down memory lane! I can still remember the anticipation of reading Mas Neyrb's (Sam Bryen's Brookline Journal pen name) weekly article that provided summaries for all the games that week. I always enjoyed how he gave everyone a nickname (mine was "Special K"). A lot of those faces haven't been seen in almost 30 years. GREAT JOB in putting all that together, and thanks for the memories!"
- T.K. - Knoxville, TN - January 5, 2006.

Many of us former Little Leaguers thought that Sam Bryen was writing the Journal Articles that made us all feel like Major Leaguers, mostly because or the "Mas Neyrb" byline, and also because old Sam never really denied it. He just never admited doing it. The truth is that Post-Gazette writer, and longtime Brookline resident, Dan McGibbeny was the man responsible for the Journal articles, and for giving us all those zany nicknames. Mine was "Big Bo."

"I just stumbled upon your website about Brookline!!! I lived there for my first 18 years, my 86-year-old mother grew up there, but we all live in Wisconsin now. I'd love to get a copy of the book for my parents for Christmas."
- A&W - Wisconsin - November 28, 2005.

"I miss Joe Ehland more than words can say. I am blessed, proud and forever grateful to say that Joe Ehland was/is my brother. I stumbled across the Brookline website and saw the comments about the Joe Ehland Story...Thanks and God Bless"
- M.E. - Brookline - November 5, 2005.

"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my pictorial trip down memory lane on your web site. I retrieved the address from the latest edition of the SHHS alumni paper. I have lived in Phoenix for the past 44 years, I was born in Pittsburgh in 1921 and lived in Beechview, just down over the hill from Broadway, our boulevard. Like yours, it was not always paved from curb to curb, and I do remember the cobble stones on yours and some of our other streets. I went to grade school at Lee School, and during that time one afternoon each week we walked from Lee School over to your Brookline school for "manual training", rain, snow, or shine. In the winter the temperature had warmed up to at least 20 degrees. Speaking of snow, I also remember the Thanksgiving snow of 1950. I graduated from Lee School and went to good old SHHS from which I also graduated. Fortunately I didn't have to walk to high school, as I had a 50 cent a week pass on the old yellow trolleys that had coal fired stoves in them. Later we road the red streamline ones. But one day during the 36 flood, we did have to walk home, as the street cars were not running, so we walked the tracks even over the trestle spanning Saw Mill Run Blvd. While attending SHHS I also worked Sundays and holidays as a "Pearl Diver" (dish washer) for Bateman's Chicken Restaurant, at first down on West Liberty Avenue close to where Brookline Boulevard starts. Then when that one closed I worked in another one they had out in Mt Lebanon where West Liberty Avenue became Washington Road. The pay was 35 cents an hour, and all the chicken you could eat, but we were not allowed to eat any ice cream for free. During these days I spent lots of time over in Brookline, as I knew lots of kid from there from SHHS, and took a Brookline girl to my Prom. You have a great website. Take care and keep up the good work."
- J.B. - Phoenix, AZ - October 2, 2005.

"My family moved to Brookline from Gary, Indiana, when I was one year old in 1946, and I lived there until 1961. I attended Brookline School all the way from kindergarten to eighth grade, and then South Hills High School, but completed high school at Fox Chapel. I attended Robert Morris and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. What an absolutely wonderful website you have created. Congratulations!"
- C.I. - New York City - August 15, 2005.

"I just "happened" on your site while looking for information on Pittsburgh Steel Mills! What a wealth of information that I'm hurriedly clicking and reading through! Being born and raised in Brookline, I'm really embarrassed about how little I know about its history! I'm sure your work means a lot to so many people - I'm certainly spreading the word! Thank you so very much for giving my grandfather such a wonderful memorial! Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK AND God Bless!"
- N.B. - Bethel Park - July 22, 2005.

"What a great site, I'll tell my friends about it. We lived there in the 60's."
- D.K. - former Brookline resident - July 10, 2005.

"Looking at the old Brookline photos brought back so many memories. We moved to Brookline in 1934. At that time, Mr. Moore was the President of the Brookline Bank, located near the Brookline Movie Theatre. Moore Park and Pool was named after him and what a grand old gentleman he was. He was responsible, as we were growing up, for the 4th of July celebrations. All of the residents in Brookline were given tickets, free of charge. With these tickets, families could purchase treats and games at Brookline school field, where movies were shown on a large outdoor screen in the evening, after fireworks. I always speak of Brookline, lovingly, as the typical Andy Hardy type place to live. I lived on Templeton Street and my best girlfriend lived on Winterhill Street. We walked the "Boulie", as we called it, almost every day, knowing every store there. We shopped at Bisi's, second little store on the Boulevard, near Pioneer Avenue, walked past Rudt's Tavern, where the men standing outside talking would laugh at our little antics. Gorski's was the place to go and eat a meal with your parents on a special occasion. Kuntz's Bakery was the favorite place to shop for breakfast sweets after church on Sunday mornings. Mr. Kuntz was the sweetest man, so kind to children, always asking them, "vould you like to have a cookie?" Money was tight for everyone then and when we went into World War II, so many of our friends and loved ones were lost. My sister was engaged to Alfie Reeves, who lived in the little home next to the Brookline Theater, with his brother, Fred Reeves, (who later became the President of the Brookline Bank). Alfie joined the Army and his brother joined the Navy. After D-Day, my sister got word from his Mother that Alfie had been killed by a sniper in Normandy, France. He's buried there in Normandy. What a tragedy so many suffered, losing our brothers, fathers, relatives and friends, but how eager the young men were to go and serve their country. Patriotism was so high among all the people then. On a hot summer day, sitting in our air-conditioned home now, I remember my girlfriend and I taking the long walk to the Brookline News Stand, where they displayed a sign outside, saying the store was "air-conditioned". We'd walk in there just to get cool. Sundays was always the day to go to the afternoon movies. We'd save our ten cents just for that occasion, buying a five cent candybar at the corner drugstore first, so that we could enjoy it during the movie. I remember when a tax of one cent was put on the ten cent fee. I'd spent my five cents on the candy bar, and had only ten cents left. When I got in line, someone told me I needed eleven cents, so I ran all the way back home to Templeton Street and got the extra penny. Young people didn't have video games to play, or television to watch. We amused ourselves during the summer by getting up teams to play ball, or going on hikes to the woods on Plainview Avenue with packed lunches. After dinner in the evenings, the children in our neighborhood would play hide and seek while our parents sat and talked. Days were spent walking to Moore Pool. After swimming all afternoon, we'd head home, anxious and hungry for a home cooked meal. There weren't any McDonald's or Burger Kings around then. So many memories come back as I write, I could go on and on. Brookline School was a great school to attend, making so many friends that I've kept in touch with for years. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures."
- Fred Proie - Brookline - June 30, 2005.

Fred, I think it's me that should be saying "Thank you for the memories."

"Having spent most of my first 21 years growing up in Brookline, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Web Site devoted to the ol' home town. I was looking at one of the grade school photos for the class just before ours at Brookline School. Spotted a familiar face with no name and thought I'd send it along. I am almost certain that the handsome young man in the top row, left end, is Don Haas, a member of the 8th grade in the winter 1948 class. I remember Don because when I got to SHHS, he was one of the few students from our neighborhood in Brookline that had a car (a 1932 Ford) and for a very small contribution toward gas, he drove us to and from school; an early car pool as it were. He was in band along with one of the other members of this rowdy group, a trombone player named Ed Wynn. Ed would frequently extend his trombone out the car window and blast the folks waiting for street cars with a loud brraaapp as we drove by, much to the chagrin of our driver, Don. Even caused Don to run a red light on West Liberty Avenue one time and it was all we could do to convince him that he didn't have to stop and back up for it. Our trips with Don were certainly a lot more entertaining than the ride on the "cattle cars" and lent a certain status to our adolescent lives. Don was a very nice, gently, quiet fellow and I wanted to give his picture a name."
- L.K. - Macungie, PA - May 29, 2005.

Thank You.

"I got a chance to check out the Brookline site. Fantastic job. I grew up in Brookline and visit my parents as often as I can. It is nice to see that a Book has finally been published on Brookline. As soon as I return to the states, I will be home to get one. I hope all is well there and I think about home, which brings a smile to my face. All my best to those back home. "
- MSgt Christopher Jones, USAF 386 ECES/Det 12, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait - May 23, 2005.

"Hey, nice work garnering so much community spirit last week in honor of Earth Day; it was a pleasure taking part, for me and the kids. The pic's are great! Thanks for including us. "
- J.D. - Brookline - April 26, 2005.

"I played baseball for Brookline for a lot of years, and I can't tell you much I enjoy the website! Most of all, I'm amazed at the accuracy of the history section (especially the past champions pages). Keep up the great work!"
- R.H. - Brookline - April 14, 2005.

"The page looks real good. The Joe Ehland story is great. I miss Joe."
- M.S. - Brookline - April 1, 2005.

I do, too.

- A.F. - Brookline - March 24, 2005.

"When I first read that page (on Joe Nicholas) I actually had tears in my eyes. It is a beautiful write up. Not many people recognize the hard work he puts into this league (the Brookline Knights Football League)."
- N.N. - Brookline - March 14, 2005.

"Keep up the good work."
- M.P. - Brookline resident - March 12, 2005.

"First off, let me commend you for an absolutely wonderful and very informative website! I happened upon it while looking into various links pertaining to historic Pittsburgh and noticed that one of your "then and now" captions mentioned something about a place called Larry's Road House, located on Whited Street. I have eaten there a few times but do not know much about the history, except for some scarce information on the web pertaining to it being built in the 1850's. I was wondering if this building is considered historically important to Brookline? It is just such a beautiful building, I can't see why there wouldn't be some sort of history. The food is excellent and at very reasonable prices."
- Gennie - Washington, D.C. - March 2, 2005.

Good Question! If the building is not historically important, then it should be. It was built in the 1850s and is one of the oldest standing structures in Brookline. Ages ago, it was a way station and boarding home stop along the Castle Shannon Railway, which was one of the main ways to get to Pittsburgh from the South Hills. You could stop for a meal or spend the night. There was also a barn located next door where you could rent horse-drawn carriages for the trip to town or anywhere else you may want to travel. Today, it is owned by Larry Vichie and is one of the nicest restaurants in the community ... and Yes!, the food is great!

"I am glad to see the Brookline Connection is alive and well. That 1947 American Legion Post football picture hit home a little. Owen McCaffery is my great Uncle, my grandmother's youngest brother. She is 93 and I sent her the picture, she is going to get a kick out of it."
- G.G. - Denver, Colorado - January 31, 2005.

"Thanks for the memories."
- M.W. - Brookline - January 20, 2005.

"I was just letting you know that the winner of the 1994 Little League home run derby was Kenny Rayl of Brookline."
- D.D. - Brookline - January 14, 2005.

"I want to tell you how great your website is. I currently live in the North Hills with my wife and two kids. However, I grew up in Brookline. I went to St Pius for Kindergarten, Ressi for gradeschool (graduated 1987) and Seton LaSalle Highschool (graduated 1991). Actually, you have a picture of my mom in one of Ressi's graduation class (1968 Graduation Class). My mom was the 2nd grade homeroom teacher for Ressi during the late 60's and early 70's. Also, you write about my great uncle (Angie Capuano) in two articles. As you can see, my family had some ties to the Brookline community. It is a great Pittsburgh neighborhood and I am proud to be from it. I have started to show my oldest son (4 years old) this website so he can see where I went to school, see his grandma when she was young, and explain where I grew-up. Great job and I had this website added to my bookmarks."
- M.Z. - former Brookline resident - January 12, 2005.

"I lived in Brookline beginning w/1226 McNeilly Rd at the age of 10. (1934) My family moved to their own home at 1054 Norwich Avenue about 1937 where we lived until about 1941 when we moved to 804 Bellaire Avenue. I attended Brookline Elementary School until graduation, then moved on to good old SHHS. I had a most wonderful lifetime during this period of school, enjoying every single minute. I entered the Army Air Force in June of 1942 through November 1945, then I returned to my parents new home at 2645 Pioneer Avenue, where I continued to live until I married in 1959 and moved to Scott Township. I was delighted to stumble upon your site after a curious look into Pgh. in 1936 and the great flood which I vaguely recalled. It was a wonderful feeling to read about Brookline. I have more to look at but wanted you to know it was viewed by an old inhabitant. I will be forwarding your site to some friends."
- V.C. - former Brookline resident - November 26, 2004.

"Hi, I was doing a google search on my family and came across a picture of my brother on your webpage from when he played Little League baseball in 1961. Is there any way I can get a copy of the picture of the 1961 "Sam's Hardware" team. I'd really enjoy giving it to him as a Christmas present."
- B.K. - Dublin, California - November 21, 2004.

"What a great web site! I found it while surfing, looking up Brookline. I grew up in Brookline from 1968 until I got married in 1986. I now live in Belle Vernon, PA, about 30 miles south of Brookline. My parents, brother and sister still live in Brookline, so I am there quite a bit. It was great seeing all of the pictures - but I was also interested in reading about C. Dale Noah. Mr. Noah actually gave me my start in journalism. I remember when I was about 12, I walked into the Brookline Journal Office and asked Mr. Noah if I could have a job as a reporter. Mr. Noah thought about it, and asked me to write a weekly column called "Little Notes, by Little People". I laugh when I read some of those columns. But, people actually read them, and he started my interest in journalism. That simple background got me into places when I was 18 - like WTAE-TV, where I worked entry level desk assistant jobs. Eventually, I got on the air at WESA AM/FM (Charleroi) and then onto Newsradio 1410 KQV as a reporter/anchor. I am out of broadcasting, but am currently a partner in a PR/Marketing firm on the Southside. All of this because of Mr. Noah. What a lovely man. I also remember trying my hand at boxing with Chuck. The man was relentless! If I missed a practice, he'd call my house and wonder why I wasn't there. Didn't make it as a boxer though. Thanks for the site, it really brought back many, many happy memories."
- C.G. - former Brookline resident - November 10, 2004.

"I would like to thank you from Albuquerque for the excellent job on the "Anderson Farm" (and other) sections of the Brookline Community website. My mom, Doris Morrison, told me to check it out just the other day and was raving about all the work you did to include this aspect of Brookline history. It reminded me of spending numerous days/weekends at Mimi (Margaret Anderson) and PapPap's (William Anderson) and going to the park with them on my tricycle to see one of the Little League games. Even though I grew up in Dormont, many weekends were spent at either of my Grandparents homes (who liked to spoil us). The Morrison side: Robert Sr. and Lillian Close-Morrison lived off of Pioneer about two blocks from "The Little Store" ... took many trips there for penny gum. And my Anderson side of the family: William Jr. and Dolly who lived up on Groveland St ... climbing the trees in the front yard. My earliest memory thought is going through Emmy's (1331 Breining) house, standing in the dining room surrounded by burgundy and grey wallpaper ... Thank you again!"
- B.M. - Albuquerque, New Mexico - October 13, 2004.

"The new site is great, even better than the old one. I grew up in Brookline and worked at the Brookline News in the fifties so enjoy bringing up the pictures. The trolley section is particularly good. Thanks for a great job."
- J.T. - former Brookline resident - October 11, 2004.

"Why not make copies of the "Brookline History" shown on the website on to a CD and offer them for sale? Very interesting and a job well done. Loaded with valuable information that should be kept."
- R.P. - Brookline - October 8, 2004.

Note: We have done something similar ... A Photo History Book entitled "Images of America - Brookline" will be available for purchase sometime in Mid-May through mail order and at select Brookline locations. Much of the information was gleened from this website, but there are other goodies that we saved for the book itself.

"What a wonderful site ... Thanks for many great moments in Brookline history."
- H.I. - Brookline - October 8, 2004.

"I left Pittsburgh and Brookline 30 years ago. My parents had homes on Gallupe Dr., Milan Ave., Brookline Blvd., and Altmar St. I enjoy your web site and visit it fairly often. Keep up the good work. The City and its suburbs are near and dear to about 120 of us in the Pittsburgh Club in Wilmington, NC."
- R.W. - Wilmington, North Carolina - September 27, 2000.

"'ve done a beautiful job!! I hope the people of Brookline realize that they have the best webpage on the internet for their hometown!!"
- J.B. - Brookline - September 22, 2000.

"You have a wonderful Brookline website. All us kids went to West Liberty School and finished up at South Hills High School. I wanted to thank you for the time you've put into the website. It's almost like going home when I browse through those photos. You've done a great job."
- J.K. - Orlando, Florida - September 11, 2000.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I had the best time looking through it. I grew up in Brookline from when I was 2 years old in 1951, to 1970, when my parents moved to Peters Township. I live in Tucson, Arizona now. Thanks for the memories. I had the BEST childhood, living in Brookline. And I had the BEST time browsing your website."
- R.D. - Tucson, Arizona - September 11, 2000.

"Hello!!! I was born and raised in Brookline, too. Ebenshire Village to be exact. I came upon your website while browsing one night amongst all the Pittsburgh stuff. Words cannot describe how thrilled I was to see the pictures, take the trivia test (I did fairly well), and learn so much that I didn't know about my favorite community. I live in Albuquerque, N.M. now - have been here for 23 years, but my heart is still in Pittsburgh, more specifically, Brookline. I don't know whether it's that I'm getting older, nostalgic, or now, finally, have the time to think back. Whichever it is, I just wanted you to know the joy the site brings me. I'm in touch with some "girlfriends" from Carmalt, Brookline, and South Hills and have told them about it as well. Keep up the good work!!"
- J.H. - Albuquerque, New Mexico - July 12, 2000.

"I only discovered your website over this past weekend, when a friend of mine told me about it. I was excited to visit, because my son played his first year of t-ball this year ... and was thrilled to see his team picture on the web. Then, I took some time to look through other parts of your site. I am a Brookline native (my mother still lives there) and I still spend a lot of time in Brookline. I'm 34 and live in Dormont now. The historic pictures, maps and articles about Brookline are a real treat! Thanks for such a nice site that brings back so many fine memories."
- G.J. - Dormont - July 12, 2000.

"Great site with all the links I need in one place, it's like I never left home. Thanks!"
- G.F. - Sarasota, Florida - April 28. 2000.

"I wanted to pass on my thanks for keeping alive the Spirit of Brookline. I grew up on Creedmoore Avenue just up the street from "Ressi" (actually went to Resurrection as well as South Catholic er, Seton LaSalle), but moved away in 1980. I get back once a year and miss Brookline/Pittsburgh. I visit the site a couple of times a month just to keep tabs on all of the stuff that my parents and sisters don't (they all still live in Brookline!). Keep the site alive and thanks again!"
- S.A. - Orlando, Florida - April 6, 2000.

"Hi. A friend of mine sent this to me, and said you will really enjoy seeing all this. I lived in Brookline from 1934 until 1940. Went to Brookline Elementary and South Hills High School. I was born in Pittsburgh-really Castle Shannon. I now live in Florida and am a widow. But, my husband and I met in 9th grade, went all through High School as sweethearts and married first year in college. Thanks for putting this together and bringing back all those pleasant memories."
- P.K. - Florida - April 2, 2000.

"Thoroughly enjoyed your Brookline history. My husband moved into Brookline in 1924 ... right after the (Liberty) tubes opened! The pix are great and bring back many memories for us, especially for my husband. Thanks."
- K.S. - Brookline - March 23, 2000.

"I have spent the last several days exploring the Brookline web site. As a graduate of Carmalt (1949), Brookline (1954) and South Hills High School (1958), I had a very keen interest in the entire offering. My comments are what have they done to my home town and please add more pictures. I am planning on being in Brookline in June and thought I would refresh my memory. The web site did not help much as the only things I recognized was The Cannon and Kribel's Bakery (I would give anything for one of their Whipped Cream Cakes). Everything else has changed. There was a statement about one of the drugstores saying that in its past it had a soda fountain. When I left town there was 5 drugstores all with fountains. It seems like the church's would still be the same, but I guess even they change. I was especially looking for a picture of Carmalt School. It set on such a large piece of land (this is where we hung out) that I knew either the school would get bigger or they would develop the land around. The real change seems to be in the Community Center. Our family homes were situated right above it on end of Hobson Street. I want to congratulate you for a job well done."
- L.M. - Florida - February 29, 2000.

"I was amazed at your Trivia page. It is wonderful. I thought I'd know all of the answers - having lived in Brookline for 44 years - but I was wrong. You are doing so much for Brookline - and doing it in grand style. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for all the fun hours I've spent enjoying your site."
- J.O. - Brookline - January 26, 2000.

"I just wanted to give my compliments to the Brookline Connection Web Site. Even if I was not a lifelong Brookline resident I would say this is one of the best community based web sites I have seen. I was even shocked to see a picture of myself in a baseball picture. Keep up the good work!"
- J.D. - Brookline - January 2, 2000.

"This is a cool site. I was raised in Brookline, Pa. I left there in 1969 and moved to Penn Hills. I remember the canon. I went to Brookline School and South Hills High. I just wonder were all my friends are now? I'm living in, St. Simons Island, Georgia now. There is no place like Pittsburgh, Pa. Well, I visit your site every day to see if any of my old friends are on the pages. Thank you very much for your site."
- M.K. - St. Simons Island, Georgia - December 3, 1999.

"Having moved to Brookline 35 years ago and raising 5 children there, I enjoyed your page on Brookline. I was the president of the PTO of West Liberty at the time of its closing. I can't even remember what year it was now. About 1979 or so. We buried a time capsule to be opened at a later date. It was a wonderful place and everyone felt like family there. It was a very sad day when it closed."
- S.R. - Brookline - October 1, 1999.

"Kudos to Clint Burton and his crew on the best community site I have ever seen amongst local areas in Pittsburgh. Having just moved from Beechview to Brookline a few years ago I continually find this site very informative. I enjoy using the site and am proud that I moved into a community that really keeps their residents informed."
- R.M. - Brookline - September 5, 1999.

"Very much enjoyed all of the photographs of Brookline, in particular the streetcar pics. Growing up, my parents always wished that most Pittsburgh avenues were as wide as the portion of the boulevard where the businesses are. Brookline is a great community and now it has a web page! Good work!"
- MRB - Pittsburgh - March 23, 1999.

"I enjoyed your history of Brookline park and can supply a date for an event you mention: the abandonment of the 39 Brookline streetcar line. According to Tom E. Parkinson in his monograph THE STREET RAILWAYS OF PITTSBURGH, 1859-1967, the last run was September 3, 1966. I have lived in Brookline since October 1946, but like you, I was away for a few years. I guess you can take the boy out of Brookline, but it's harder to take the Brookline out of the boy!"
- K.E. - Brookline - July 19, 1998.

"I was referred to the Brookline Connection web site by the Brookline branch library. My family grew up in Brookline on Dunster St. We went to West Liberty & Brookline Schools and South Hills High School. We have all moved away and now live in Texas, Arizona, New York and Florida. I am the youngest (45) and now live in Orlando. To me, nothing could have been better than growing up in Brookline. For years we slept and left our home leaving the doors unlocked. Brookline still seems like a GREAT place to live and raise a family. I'm sorry to say that I only get back now only once every year or two. I have my own business here and travel is very difficult. I like what you're doing with the Brookline Connection."
- J.K. - Orlando, Florida - June 28, 1998.

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