Brookline Boulevard - 1911

Brookline Boulevard, 1911

Here is a photo of Brookline Boulevard at Queensboro Avenue in 1911. Note the old original Stone Chapel of the United Presbyterian Church, where the present-day Church stands today. Work did not begin on the present-day church building until 1924. Also note Resurrection School, towering above all other buildings high up on Creedmoor Avenue, as it still does today. Resurrection's original schoolhouse was under construction at the time and completed the following year.

That aside, marvel at how different this view is from what we see today. In Triangle park, where the cannon, war memorial and tall trees stand today, is the Freehold Real Estate Development office, where newcomers to the area could get information on the housing tracts being built in East Brookline. The old Stone Chapel of the United Presbyterian Church is also quite a contrast to the beautiful stone church that surrounds the small structure today. The larger church was actually built, in 1924, around the old chapel, with services conducted inside during the construction that proceeded all around the perimeter. Then there is the old motor car coming up Brookline Boulevard, which looks like something out of a silent movie clip.

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