Brookline Boulevard - 1913

Brookline Boulevard, 1913

Here is a photo of Brookline Boulevard at Queensboro Avenue in 1913 near the former city line at Edgebrook Avenue. Note the old original Stone Chapel of the United Presbyterian Church, which opened in February 1913. Work did not begin on the larger church building until 1924.

Also visible is Resurrection Church and School, towering above all other buildings along Creedmoor Avenue. Construction of the second floor schoolrooms were completed just that past November and the first class of students had just moved from classes in the church sanctuary to modern schoolrooms.

In Brookline Boulevard Triangle Park, where the cannon, war memorial and tall trees stand today, is an open island with a few bushes and the Freehold Real Estate Development office, where newcomers to the area could get information on the housing tracts available in the neighborhood. Then there is the vintage vehicle motoring along Brookline Boulevard, which looks like something out of a silent movie clip.

It is also interesting to note that, in 1913, although advertised and developed as part of the new Brookline community, the triangle and all of the property shown in the background was technically still part of Baldwin Township. It would be annexed into the city and added to the Brookline census tract in 1916.

Brookline Boulevard, 1913

This 1913 photo, taken from Wenzell Avenue in Beechview, shows the opposite end of Brookline Boulevard, from West Liberty Avenue up the hill to Pioneer Avenue. The building on the left near the top of the hill is the original St. Mark's Church. In 1935, this section of the neighborhood main street was redesignated Bodkin Street as a result of a re-routing of Brookline Boulevard onto the Pittsburgh Railways right-of-way, which had previously been used for trolley traffic only.

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