View Towards Brookline Boulevard - circa 1913

View towards Brookline Boulevard from
 near Woodbourne - 1909

This photo shows view looking northwest towards Brookline Boulevard (circa 1913). You can see Queensboro Avenue coming down from the Boulevard and Woodbourne Avenue behind the child on the right. Still mostly large open plots, residential land development was only just beginning to boom. The photo was taken from the back of 1033 Bayridge Avenue and shows the children of Fred W. Doerzbacher, the original Brookline Plumber.

Regarding the date of this photo. It was originally thought to be from 1906. However, the buildings in the background were not present on 1910 plot maps. They are all located on 1916 plot maps, in the exact order shown. So, we split the difference and chose approximately 1913 as the closest date.

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