Bus Wreck On Brookline Boulevard - 2017

Brookline Boulevard Bus Wreck - 2017.

On July 8, 2017, a PAT bus loaded with late morning rush hour passengers, lost control turning off of Queensboro Avenue onto Brookline Boulevard. The wayward bus did a U-Turn and barreled through the Brookline Veteran's Memorial. It continued over the retaining wall onto Chelton Avenue and came to a halt when it smashed into a wall.

Brookline Boulevard Bus Wreck - 2017.

It was a scary few moments for all of the passengers and people along the boulevard who witnessed the tragedy. Luckily for everyone involved there were no serious injuries and the bus stopped short of running into the front of the nearby boulevard businesses. When going through the triangle park the bus hit the 100 year old World War I cannon and dragged it along for a short distance.

Visit the Veteran's Memorial page for more information and photos regarding
the accident and the damage to the cannon and park.

Brookline Boulevard Bus Wreck - 2017.    Brookline Boulevard Bus Wreck - 2017.

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* Photos provided by Doug Brendel and Jaison Viglietta *

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