Flag Drop Box Installed - August 2020

Brookline Boulevard - 2020

On August 17, 2020, a decorative flag drop box, installed outside the Brookline Teen Outreach Center at 520 Brookline Boulevard, was dedicated by State Senator Wayne Fontana. The receptacle is for depositing used American flags for proper retirement by the Boy Scouts of Brookline's Troop #6.

Having a drop box located within the community was the dream of one man, Dan McKeever. A retired postal worker and Vietnam Navy Veteran, Dan has been the caretaker of the flags at the Veteran's Memorial on the boulevard and the Whited/Jacob welcome sign for many years.

Dan McKeever    Dan McKeever
Dan with Scout Leader Fred Metting during the installation of the box on July 11 (left), and with State Senator
Wayne Fontana, Joe Nellis and Clint Burton at the drop box dedication on August 17, 2020.

Last fall, Dan began an initiative to raise the necessary funds for the sturdy, secure steel container. With help from Louie DeFelice at the Moonlite Cafe, Caitlin McNulty of the Teen Outreach Center, and a few friends, Dan was able to meet his fundraising goal and secure a suitable and easily accessible location to place the box.

The box is adorned with a phrase that is dear to Dan's heart, "All Gave Some. Some Gave All." A life-member of the American Legion, Dan McKeever is always present at the opening ceremony before the Memorial Day parade to lower the flags to half staff. He then takes his scooter, with two large veterans flags attached and participates in the procession.

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