Brookline Boulevard - 1990
Hollywood Comes To Brookline

Brookline Boulevard - Summer 1990    Brookline Boulevard - Summer 1990

In the Summer of 1990, Brookline was the scene of some Hollywood-type excitement as a film crew descended upon Brookline Boulevard to shoot some scenes for a made-for-TV movie called "The Bride in Black." The romantic mystery thriller starred Susan Lucci as a Brooklyn shopkeeper who became involved with David Soul, an out-going artist with a mysterious past. The film also starred Reginald VelJohnson, and was released in October 1990.

Susan Lucci and David Soul in
The Bride In Black - 1990.
Susan Lucci and David Soul

The majority of the movie was shot in Braddock, Pennsylvania, but the vacant building at 934 Brookline Boulevard was chosen as the location for scenes that took place in a family store. The facade of the building was altered to look like D'Amore Brothers Pork Store Latticini. The first floor was made to resemble the inside of a meat market.

Brookline Boulevard - Summer 1990    Brookline Boulevard - Summer 1990

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Several semi-trailers and other trucks carrying equipment and props took up the entire 900 block of the Brookline Boulevard. There was also the D'Amore Bros van, a New York Taxi and some other vehicles parked on location. With only two lanes open to vehicles, and several delays for filming, traffic congestion along the boulevard was a bit difficult, but it was quite a novelty to have a bit of Hollywood right here in Brookline.

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