Aerial View Of Brookline Boulevard
August 2014

Brookline Boulevard, 2014.    Brookline Boulevard, 2014.

These aerial views of Brookline Boulevard were taken in August 2014 from atop the extended ladder of the Engine House #26 ladder truck. They show a bird's eye view of the recently renovated main street.

The photo on the left is looking southeast from above Castlegate Avenue. To the right is the view looking northwest towards Pioneer Avenue. The sidewalks, infrastructure and roadway were all built to modern standards, and make an interesting contrast to the early 20th century buildings and homes lining each side of the broad avenue.

Below is a repeat of the picture to the left, before being cropped to match the dimensions of the other photo. It gives a fine view of the homes along the adjacent residential side streets like Bellaire Avenue (left), Berkshire Avenue (right) and Chelton Avenue (in the distance).

Brookline Boulevard, 2014.

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