Brookline Boulevard Repaving - May 2014
Starkamp Avenue to Birchland Street

Trucks loaded with asphalt are lined up from Whited to Breining as the paving crew works its way down the boulevard.

On May 6, 2014, Brookliners got a taste of what it will be like when the long-awaited completion of the Boulevard Reconstruction Project occurs in June. The City of Pittsburgh, in anticipation of the repaving of the Commercial District section of the boulevard, had the lower section of the roadway milled and covered in a new coat of asphalt.

From Starkamp Avenue to Birchland Street, Folino Construction ground the street down to the red brick foundation and applied a fresh six-inch layer of black top. The paving project began on Friday, May 1, with the removal of the old surface. It was completed on Tuesday, May 6. When the final truck load was applied and smoothed over, the roadway looked fantastic.

In another month or so, when Facchiano Construction completes the installation of the new sidewalks and other amenities along the upper section of the boulevard, Folino will return to apply a new road surface from Starkamp to Pioneer Avenue. It will be a time of celebration for merchants and motorists, who have spent the last year and a half dodging potholes and patiently waiting for the end of the reconstruction effort.

The light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching. Soon, Brookline Boulevard will once again be the jewel of our community, and the travails of the past 400-plus days will become a distant memory.

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The crew begins a third trip up the Boulevard from Breining Street on Monday afternoon.

Near the Exxon Station and DeBor Funeral Home at Edgebrook Avenue.

Working along the curb towards Whited Street (left) and the intersection of Starkamp and Brookline Boulevard.

At Whited Street and Bellaire Place (left) and looking up the hill from Birchland Street.

Paving in front of the Hideaway Mini Mart (left) and clearing the sewer at Birchland Street.

The United Presbyterian Church in the background (left) as the crew works up towards Creedmoor Avenue.

The road was closed from Starkamp (left) and a steamroller makes its way past Creedmoor Avenue.

Folino's brightly colored fleet of trucks (left) and another steamroller that followed behind the crew.

Working up towards the intersection with Whited Street.

Passing the intersection of Whited and Merrick Streets (left) and a view from Merrick towards Whited.

The new pavement ended a bit beyond Birchland Street (left) and ended at Starkamp Avenue.

Crews working at the busy intersection with Starkamp Avenue. The road closure created a bit of a traffic jam.

Moving the equipment back down the boulevard for another pass (left) and a steamroller near the crest of the hill.

Looking downhill towards East Brookline (left) and the steamroller has a tight squeeze as it works along the curb.

Looking both directions from the intersection with Breining Street.

Two views looking downhill towards Breining, from Whited Street (left) and from near Edgebrook Street.

Laying the protective sealant on the seams (left) and the crew working at the intersection with Edgebrook Avenue.

The smaller steamroller passes the intersection of Merrick, Whited and Bellaire Place (left) and the view from Starkamp.

The end of the line at Starkamp Avenue (left) and the new black top glimmers in the afternoon sunlight.
In another month the roadway will look like this from Birchland all the way to Pioneer Avenue.

* Photos provided by Clint Burton *

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