Dooley's Meat Market - 1907

Dooley's Meat Market - 1907

Here is a photo of Joseph Dooley's Meat Market, located at 704 Brookline Boulevard, in 1907. Dooley's brother William owned the Central Meat Market, located at Stetson Street and West Liberty Avenue. Joseph Dooley's Meat Market was one of the first commercial establishments erected along Brookline Boulevard. The modern building also featured an ice-making plant on the lower floor along Trelona Way.

Over the years this building has housed many varied businesses. In 1956 it was home to Brookline Half Hour Cleaner. In the 1980s it was George Chahine's Bakery. The most recent occupant has been Mel Aboud's South Hills Printing, next to Party Cake Bakery.

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* Photo from the Pittsburgh Daily Post - October 13, 1907 *

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