Fire On Brookline Boulevard - April 2014

Brookline's Engine Company #26 responds to
a fire at 954 Brookline Boulevard.
KDKA Photo.

On April 11, 2014, a fire at the S.N. Glass Company, at 954 Brookline Boulevard sent emergency crews to Brookline late on a Friday evening.

Calls were logged by dispatchers around 10 pm, sending firefighters to battle the blaze. The first responders on the scene were Brookline's own Engine Company #26, who quickly brought the situation under control.

S.N. Glass Company - 954 Brookline Boulevard.
Doug Brendel Photo.

By 4:00am, when Doug Brendel snapped the photo above, the building had been boarded up and there were no signs of activity.

It was not reported in the news media what sparked the blaze, nor what the extent of the damages were. There were, however, no injuries on record, which is always a blessing.

S.N. Glass Company - 954 Brookline Boulevard.
Google Photo - 2012.

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