Brookline's Pumper Truck - 1951

Brookline Fire
 Engine - 1951

After forty-four years of struggling with outmoded fire-fighting equipment, Fire Station #57 (Brookline) has finally been equipped with modern apparatus so that any emergency can be met without fear of failing machinery.

Recently added to the Brookline station was a pumping engine capable of pumping 750 gallons of water a minute. A 1951 model, its value is approximately $15,000. Six men man the pumper which is twenty-five feet long and almost eight feet wide.

The fire engine in use in Brookline is a product of the city's own machine shops. It was built on a new chassis under the supervision of Leo Gill of the City of Pittsburgh machine shop. By building the engine here, the city employees saved an approximate $8,000.

Captain E.A. Langbein of the Brookline station has been in the fire department for twenty-eight years. He has been a Captain for fifteen years, assuming his present duties with Station #57 in 1941.

* Reprinted from the Brookline Journal, Aug 16, 1951 *

Note: This pumper truck was replaced in 1973 with a new Mack 1250 gallon pumper.

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