Engine House #57 and Crew - 1920

Brookline Firefighters - 1920.

Brookline's firefighters with their horse-drawn combination chemical and hose wagon in 1920. Hoseman Harry Grimm is holding the reins. In 1921, motorized transportation came to Engine House #57 in the form of a 1914 model American La France chemical and hose truck. The station continued to use the horse-drawn chemical and hose wagon until 1927.

1920 - Brookline firefighters.
Shown in picture are Captain Jonathan Martin,
Hoseman Harry Grimm and Hoseman Andrew Dalzell.

The crew of Engine House #57 in 1920, including Captain Jonathan Martin,
Hosemen Harry Grimm and Andrew Dalzell.

Brookline firehouse - 1920.

Brookline's Engine House #57 in 1920.

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