Fleming Place Plan - 1921

The Fleming Place Plan - 1921
Brookline's Fleming Place housing development, as seen in 1921 from Vodelli Street in Beechview. Click to enlarge.

As development in West Liberty Borough, which included Brookline and Beechview, began in earnest at the turn of the century, one of the first housing developments in Brookline was called the Fleming Place Plan.

The subplot was built in 1902 on land once owned by the Fleming family, and was located near the Brookline Junction at West Liberty Avenue. It's borders were Brookline Boulevard (Bodkin Street), Pioneer Avenue and West Liberty Avenue.

1902 Beechwood Improvement Company advertisement.
A 1902 Beechwood Improvement Company advertisement.

Fleming Place included streets like Kenilworth, Jillson, Shawhan, Waddington, Aidyl and part of Plainview Avenues. Aidyl Avenue was named after the Fleming's daughter Lydia and bordered the remaining Fleming property, which was still in use by that pioneer family.

An attractive feature in Fleming Estates, which is not really visible in the photo, is the trolley line, which loops from bottom left, counter-clockwise through the clusters of homes, to a spot above center left and on to the junction of Pioneer Avenue and Brookline Boulevard. This provided convenient public transportation to the residents. The transit stop on the loop is, to this day, called Fleming Place.

1925 Map showing Fleming Place Subplot.
A 1925 map showing the Fleming Place Plan highlighted in aqua.

The street layout of Fleming Place was drastically altered in 1935. The trolley right-of-way was enlarged to four lanes, paved in block and incorporated into reconfiguration of Brookline Boulevard. The realignment cut through the heart of the plan and did not allow for cross-traffic, thus dividing Fleming Place into separate sections.

The remaining three and a half acres of the Fleming property situated between Aidyl, Kenilworth, Waddington and Pioneer Avenues, was eventually sold to the Diocese of Pittsburgh. St. Pius X church and school was constructed there in 1955.

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