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This is the "new" Brookline Library in September 2004, shortly after it's grand re-opening. From May 31, 2003 to February of 2004, the library building underwent a massive remodeling project and the new library is bigger and better than anyone could have imagined.

The Brookline library has been at this location, 708 Brookline Boulevard, since 1991. In the late 1990s, the privately-owned building was in need of repair. More alarmingly was the possibility of the property being put up for sale.

Brookline has had a Carnegie Library Branch location since 1930. The library was originally located in the basement of the Brookline Methodist Church. The facility moved to 730 Brookline Boulevard in 1942, remaining there for nearly fifty years until moving to it's present location.

Sensing that this valuable community asset might disappear from Brookline Boulevard, the property was purchased in 2001 by the Brookline Area Community Council. Funding was made available through state grants obtained by Representative Frank Gigliotti, and his successor Michael Diven.

Brookline Library - 2002
The Libraty building in 2002, before an extensive remodel. The building was formerly the
long-standing home of the Premier Photo Company, which closed in the late-1980s.

The site was turned over to the city with the promise that it would be remodeled, and most importantly, that the library would remain at this location for years to come.

The city and the Carnegie Library made good on their promise to remodel, and the Brookline Branch is now one of the finest neighborhood libraries in the city of Pittsburgh.

The Brookline Library was chosen to be renovated using environmentally friendly (green) principles. The library has many features built into the new framework that are both environmentally sound and safe. The results were quite extraordinary.

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This was the staff of the Carnegie Library back in 1998, with former director Richard Kaplan standing in the rear. Left to right: Judy DiNardo, Cindy D'Agostino, Peggy Tseng, Ginny Imburgia, Donna Conway and Peg Murhammer.

For many years, Judy, Ginny and Peg continued to work at the Brookline branch. Cindy moved to the Dormont Branch, Peggy became director of the Homestead Branch, and Richard moved on to manage at the main library in Oakland.

Richard and the staff were instrumental in helping with the Brookline Connection website and I spent a lot of time with these good folks.

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Chuck E Cheese, the heralded pizza rat, and Carnegie Library mascot Carolion, named for the Caroline card catalog, take advantage of a photo op to pump a little fur at the Brookline Library in 1996.

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Picture of Julie Doerr and Judy Speicher, in 1966, standing in front of the old Brookline Library building when it was located at 730 Brookline Boulevard.

Picture of kids using the card catalog
 at the old Brookline library. - 1960s

A group of kids in the early 1960s using the card catalog at the old library, when it was located at 730 Brookline Boulevard. Pictured at the far right is Donna Herzer Stewart, a 1971 graduate of South Hills High School and now a resident of New Orleans.

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