Frank Mazza Pavilion - 2012

Mazza Pavilion - 2012

Here is a photo taken in April of 2012 showing the newly constructed Frank H. Mazza Pavilion on Brookline Boulevard. The apartment building, owned and operated by HUD, had recently re-opened after a three and one-half year closing to address problems with the building's infrastructure. The modern complex is now home to several income-eligible seniors and is a stunning addition to the Brookline Boulevard Commercial District.

The building is the second version of Mazza Pavilion. The original housing complex, built in 1981 and opened in 1982, operated for twenty-six years. In September of 2008, the building was closed and condemned due to faulty building construction which contributed to a mold problem that was so bad that it became a serious health hazard to the tenants.

Mazza Pavilion - November 2010
Mazza Pavilion in October 2010. Except for the steel frame, the building is being totally rebuilt.

After much debate, it was decided to rebuild the structure, rather than demolish it. Once construction began, the facade was removed and the building stripped completely to it's skeletal frame. From there, it was built back up in a little over a year, beginning in early 2010. The reconstruction cost $4.7 million and was funded by the Housing and Urban Development Authority.

Beginning in late-2011, the new Mazza Pavilion was ready for occupancy. Apartments were filled quickly with eager residents looking for a comfortable home with convenient access to many of Brookline Boulevard's amenities and reliable public transportation.

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Mazza Pavilion - May 2011
Mazza Pavilion in May 2011. The exterior work is complete and the interior is being installed.

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