The Future Location of Moore Park - 1910

Moore Park? 1910

Moore Park was built in 1939. This photo was taken in 1910 showing the fields of the Paul Farm. The Paul's owned much of the land in this section of Brookline. Over the years the land was parced and sold as lots. The 10 acres that would one day become Moore Park became city property in lieu of back taxes. The community purchased the land from the city to be developed into a park.

As the country emerged from the Depression years, a city-wide effort was begun to construct parks throughout the many Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The 10 acres in Brookline became Joseph F. Moore Park, named after the former principal of Brookline School who had worked tirelessly to see that the kids of Brookline had a place to play.

The spot where the tree stands in the foreground is approximately the middle of the small baseball field, near second base. The playground is on the bluff to the left, and the building and swimming pool are on the fields nearer the treeline.

Brookline was once a prosperous farming community, and this is what most of the community looked like before development. The area has changed considerable over the last century.

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